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How to Repair Skin Damaged by Fraxel Laser?

I believe 100% that the fraxel laser made my skin worse. It has large holes, tiny lines, and some parts look like an orange peel. I had 2 treatments... READ MORE

Periorbital Wrinkles (Below Eyes) Treatment Options: Fraxel, Chemical Peels/TCA, Botox, Other?

I'm a male, 31, who suddenly developed folds - perhaps due to increased sleeping on my stomach. I’ve included pics of both eyes, w/ &... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore on Lip Lines Cause Difference in Texture?

My doctor is suggesting Fraxel Restore for the area around my lips to reduce vertical lip lines. Can Fraxel only be done in selected area like this... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Restore Work for Above Eye Crepiness?

I'm 50yrs, have sun damage, a few lines around my eyes and mouth. What most bothers me is the creapiness above my eyes and the brown spots. What... READ MORE

How Long Before Collagen Level Recedes After Fraxel Restore?

After Fraxel Restore series, how long do dermal results last? In treating fine lines and superficial scars and and keeping the skin plump. After a... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Vs. Fraxel Restore - Which Eliminates Fine Lines Better?

I am 38 years old and take a photosensitizing drug (Amitriptyline) 20 mg every night. Is it possible for me to have Fraxel done on my skin? Can one... READ MORE

Will Fine Smoker's Lines Disappear with Fraxel Repair?

I am day 8 after Fraxel repair. Things are looking better, but I want to know if the fine smoker's lines that I still see will go away and if the skin... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Treatment Cause Skin to Start to Look Older Three Years After Treatment?

Three years after Fraxel treatment I have started to develop these very fine troughs and ridges on my face. It looks most like the skin of a person... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore for Loose Skin?

After reading many posts about Fraxel repair and Fraxel restore, I've grown more confused. The plastic surgeons who Fraxel restore don't do repair.... READ MORE

I Seem to Have More Lines Appearing 6 Days Post Fraser Laser. Is There Something I Can Do to Minimize These?

I have lines around my eyes and cheeks that are more visible now that the swelling is going down. READ MORE

Will 10 days be enough time to recover and go back to work after Fraxel Laser for upper lip lines and wrinkles?

I would like to have fraxel done on my upper lip area only. The rest of my skin is probably OK. Would ten days be sufficient to be able to cover any... READ MORE

3 months after Fraxel Laser, I have dots & lines on my face, will this heal or is it permanent?

Hi, i have done fraxel three months ago and i noticed that i have millions of dots and lines on my face. Actually i have the pattern of the laser on... READ MORE

Fraxel laser ruined my skin! I have to wear makeup all the time to hide these ugly marks. Please help.

Fraxil laser turned my skin into a disaster !! I have pigmentation all over my cheeks, forehead ,leather like skin and lines under my eyes.. Over the... READ MORE

Fraxel: I have severe bunching of crepey skin under my eyes, and abnormally thick lines around my eyes. (photo)

After some misplaced Botox and strange filler reaction,  A well researched dr suggested Fraxel at a price of 1,500. In addition, microneedling... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for little lines around eyes and forehead and some acne scars on cheeks?

Went to a board certified plastic surgeon and he said I can get the fraxel laser 4 to 6 treatments for 2,200 dollars but he doesn't do it. He lets his... READ MORE

Are these extra lines I'm getting from Fraxel treatments going to go away and should I stop the treatments? (photos)

I have had 2 fraxel treatments after the 1st treatment i noticed and extra line form length wise on my chin and mentioned it right away they were not... READ MORE

I had a horrible experience with injectables which left raised lines. Will Fraxel laser help flatten these lines? (photo)

It has been almost two years since my filler disaster. Who would you recommend in south florida for treatment? READ MORE

Fraxal Repair scarring. Will this go away over time?

Hi, had Fraxal :repair done on my face August 7th 2015. My forehead has laser lines still and looks like scaring (white raised thicker skin) on cheek... READ MORE

How many months does it take to see great results after 3 fraxel 5500 treatments?

I'm 53 yrs old and 1 week ago I had my 2nd of 3 treatments on my face and neck. Both treatments left me with some pimples on top & underneath the... READ MORE

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