Inflammation + Fraxel Laser

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Are Broken Capillaries and PIH Permanent Fraxel Side Effects?

After 5 fraxel treatments I have PIH and broken capillaries. Is this permanent? The PIH has been treated with a 6-week regimen of Tx skin care... READ MORE

Increased Pigmentation with Inflammation After Fraxel for Melasma

I have had about 6 Fraxel treatments for melasma. The last treatments left me with higher pigmentation with inflammation (like a mask around my eyes).... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual: Will It Help for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

I have had these post acne red spots on my face for years now and was wondering if Fraxel Dual would be of any help. I tried the V-Beam once and... READ MORE

1 months post op Fraxel Laser, I am left with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Is this normal? (photos)

I got Fraxel Refine on the highest setting on my self inflicted scars approximately 1 month ago. It has finished peeling and now I am left with what... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Treatment Cause Saliva Gland Damage?

Just curous if fraxel laser treatment cause damage to saliva glands. After having one treatment, it was strange or just a coincidenc the saliva glands... READ MORE

What is the best approach for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation & texture changes under eyes after Fraxel Dual? (photos)

I had my third Fraxel Dual on 10/24/14 in which the technician treated under my eyes for the first time. I now have dark half moons under my eyes! I'm... READ MORE

Can retin A help fraxel restore treatments on stretch marks?

Having had one Fraxel Restore treatment on stretchmarks on my waist, I notice some improvement already after four days. I guess some of that could be... READ MORE

How can I bring acne down after Fraxel treatment if I'm to avoid prescribed ointments such as Retin-A and Benzoyl?

I can't use Retin-A or Benzoyl so what's the best way to bring down some post-Fraxel acne? I've been given Minocyclin to help with inflammation. READ MORE

Waxy type and peel orange skin inflammation and pinkish area 6 weeks post fraxel. Any suggestions?

I had this problem I am an south east asian skin fair complexion and have skinny face but after fraxel my face is so tight and I might confuse with... READ MORE

Tanning tablets before Fraxel?

I have been using tanning tablets containing carotenoids for around a month, and am worried they will cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after... READ MORE

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