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High Risk of Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel Restore on Indian Skin?

I have a Indian Skin, I have Deep Pitted Acne Scars. I do not have Fraxel Repair available in my city or in my country If I wish to go for the Fraxel... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual on Indian Skin - Setting?

Hi there, I'm interested in getting Fraxel dual to reduce pigmentation under my eye so i can reduce the appearance of my dark circles. What... READ MORE

Should I Do Fraxel Laser for my Acne Scars? (photo)

I'm indian and my skin tone is olive kind of.I have some ice pick acne scars and i went to a dermatologist in my area where the doctor told me to... READ MORE

Indian Skin Type: Number of Fraxel Sessions and Intensity?

Im 37, Indian (skin type 5)I got 2 diff opinions for Fraxel Restore re # of sessions (4 vs 5) & laser intensity (50-80 mj vs 70-90 mj). Does the... READ MORE

Fraxel Lasers and TCA Peels (Facial) for Middle Easterners/Indians?

I'm of Middle Eastern/Indian descent and have light brown skin, and would like to get fraxel treatment or TCA peels to deal with wrinkles under my... READ MORE

Considering Fraxel for Scar from Glass Cut

I have a glass cut on my arm. I am considering fraxel laser treatment. I am of Indian descent and have a wheatish complexion. Would this work? Please... READ MORE

What should I do to even out my skin, 17 weeks after Fraxel?

I did 2 fraxel laser treatments for the stretch marks on my butt cheeks. I am of indian descent and have brown skin. The area where the machine ran... READ MORE

Ematrix and Fraxel Which is Safer for Indian Skin?

Hi .. I am 25 yrs age woman. I have undergone 3 treatments of ematrix for my acne scars. Now my doctor suggests that I do Fraxel laser . She wants to... READ MORE

Can fraxel restore be done for acne scars on someone who managed to get hyperpigmentation with subcision?

Hello there. I'm Indian. I have a lot of doctors offering fraxel restore, and they are experienced with Indian skin. But I'm discouraged since a... READ MORE

Darkness after Fraxel Restore Dual. When will my skin get lighter as before?

I'm an Indian (Asia) with brown-skin on the face. After fraxel, my skin got dark. I'm doing everything possible (sunscreen etc), however it's not... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual or Cosmelan to treat Melasma in brown skin?

I am an Indian with skin tone is similar Hispanic skin. I am concerned about hyperpigmentation with Fraxel Dual. Would Cosmelan be better? I plan on... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Laser on people from India? (Photo)

Does fraxel laser work on people from India . I am medium to light Brown in colour . Is this recommended to lessen the darkness or can you suggest... READ MORE

I am considering Fraxel Dual,I need advice! I'm a male with Melasma on both my cheeks. 6 Re:fine sessions 2 yrs ago was no help.

I am an Indian with skin tone is similar to Raj of BBT . I am concerned about hyperpigmentation for brown skin My ?s 1. With precautions (apply cream,... READ MORE

Fraxel: Skin peeling off with discoloration, how do I fix this fast?

Sir I am a Indian girl of fair skin tone. I had a black spot at one corner of lip which was treated by frazel treatment to remove dark spot. I am on... READ MORE

How Many Sitttings of Fraxel Restore Will Be Required After Having 3 Sittings of Fraxel Refine for Superficial Scars on Face?

I am 27 yrs old Indian guy,I had some amount of hyperpigmentation along with a few superficial scars on the face. I had 3 sittings of fraxel refine at... READ MORE

I have a big scar on my forehead. It's a brown colour. (photos)

I m 22 year old indian female girl. I have a scar in middle of my forehead due to accident. I scheduled co2 fraxel laser treatment. Dr said me it will... READ MORE

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