Fine Lines + Fraxel Laser

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How Long Before You See Improvements After Fraxel Restore?

For Fraxel Restore in treating superficial fine lines, enlarged pores and shallow scars,  from your experience, is most of the dermal... READ MORE

How to Correct Fraxel Damage?

I have suffered damage from the fraxel laser. This has manifested itself in the form of fat loss in the forehead and the temples. The results are... READ MORE

Fraxel, a Mini Lift OR Both?

Hi, I just turned 49 and decide I want to have Fraxel done on my face. I have a lot of fine lines on my cheeks which are my main concern. I also have... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Dual Orange Peel Texture of Skin and Fine Lines?

Hello I am 8 weeks post one and only fraxel restore dual for small and not deep isolated scars. The treated areas have orange peel texture with tiny... READ MORE

TCA Peels Before Fraxel Laser to Get Full Benefit?

I'm considering getting Fraxel on my face. At one clinic I was told that I should get a TCA peel 30% at least 20 peels each a week apart before... READ MORE

Fraxel Setting for Sensitive Skin

I am considering fraxel for mild acne scars on my chin and cheeks, reduction of fine lines would be welcome too. I went to the medspa for a... READ MORE

Pearl Cutera, Fraxel or Fractional CO2?

Hello i am 22 years old, nearly 23 and i have large pores, fine lines and wrinkles and i am debating which laser treatment to use? any help/advice... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Restore Cause Fine Lines?

I would appreciate your opinion. I had a full face fraxel (restore) treatment 3 months ago due to my acne scarring. Now, I notice some new fine lines... READ MORE

What is the difference between Fraxel Dual & Fraxel Restore? What is best to minimize fine lines, pores, blood vessels by nose?

What is the difference between Fraxel Dual & Fraxil Restore? What is best to minimize fine lines, texture, pores, small blood vessels around the nose... READ MORE

Are Laser Treatments Preventative or Should I Wait?

I get Botox to prevent lines between my eyes. I have good skin at 40 but I'm starting to get fine lines. Do laser treatments help slow down the need... READ MORE

What Should the Levels Be on Fraxel Restore for Fine Lines?

I have fair skin with freckling. I have had freckles for as long as I can remember. I am 48 and just want my forhead and sides of chin below corners... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Make Your Skin Thicker with Collagen Than the C02 Resurfacing Because the Pixels Go Deeper?

I know co2 gives the best erasing of age spots and fine wrinkles but if my skin is actually all over very thin I was wondering if the fraxel pixels... READ MORE

Would You Recommend the VI Peel or Dual Fraxel for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Which has the least downtime before you can face the public, VI peel or Dual Fraxel? READ MORE

I had fraxel on my cheeks for fine lines and sun damage 4 months ago. Is this a long term facial fraxel side effects? (photos)

I had fraxel on my cheeks for fine lines and sun damage 4 months ago. My skin is red, feels tingly at times, has a cobblestone texture and is uneven.... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Fraxel or IPL?

I can only afford 1 or 2 treatments so I was wondering which procedure would work better for me. I am 38 years old and have sun spots, freckles and... READ MORE

Treatments from millia, fine lines, dark circles under eyes and pigmentation?

I am 35 years old, have millia and fine lines and fine to medium dark circles around my eyes and some sun damage. What treatments would you recommend?... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser help me? (Photo)

Hello, my name is Destiny and I'm 21 yrs old. I have dark circles and fine lines under my eyes, i have my dark circles since a child its hereditary so... READ MORE

Vi Peel Vs TCA Peel After Fraxel Laser?

I had 2 Fraxel & IPL treatments. It has been recommended that I get 3 and get a Chemical peel to accelerate exfoliation in between my last Fraxel... READ MORE

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