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Subcision After Fraxel Laser

I heard that subcision followed by Fraxel Laser has had great results for acne scar patients (I am not sure if this is in the same session or... READ MORE

Models of Fraxel Machines That Represent the Lastest Technology?

I was told by my doctor that with one Fraxel session, I would get a lot of benefits. I am concerned that I am reading great things about Fraxel... READ MORE

Treatment of Minocycline Induced Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel? (photo)

I've undergone several Fraxel Dual treatments to treat minocycline hyperpigmentation but have seen little improvement. It's very depressing.... READ MORE

Why is the Rating of Fraxel So Low? Just 57%.

I have some shallow acne scars and Fraxel seems right for me.... but I am not convinced because of the "bad" results. I understand that the doctor is... READ MORE

Why Are There So Many Negative Reviews on the Fraxel Procedure?

While trying to get information on this procedure I noticed that there were way too many people with negative reviews on this Fraxel procedure. Some... READ MORE

Fraxel and to Reduce Large Pores on Nose?

What is the best procedure to reduce large pores on the front and sides of the nose? Is fraxel the best laser, or is IPL? Will I be able to use fraxel... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Generally Better Than Other Lasers?

I'm thinking of having laser treatment and there's too many choices. READ MORE

Laser/Fraxel for Skin Treatment. How Would Laser Burning Rejuvenate Your Skin?

I have often read "rather than damaging your skin's ability to look young, Fraxel helps photorejuvenate your skin's texture." Now, if sun exposure... READ MORE

Which Fractionated C02 laser is the best for treating pitted acne scars? Fraxel Re:pair or Sandstone Cortex?

CORTEX Laser wavelength : 10,600nm Laser mode: Tem 00 Power to tissue: up to 40 watts Tissue exposure modes: Continuous/Blend/Super Pulse Peak power:... READ MORE

Laxity of Skin and Large Pores?

I'm a 30 yrs old asian male. I have large pores on my nose, which i think is do to skin laxity or sagging. When i stretch the skin taut/tight on my... READ MORE

Why Do Doctors Suggest Fraxel Restore at 4-6 Week Intervals when It Takes Months to See/judge Results from a Session?

I just had my first Restore last week and plan on more. My doctor, like most doctors, suggests another session in 5 weeks. But I have also read that... READ MORE

Fraxel and HA Fillers. Would the Fillers Be Just As Effective Wth Fraxel?

I am considering Fraxel treatment to address my scar issues. But I am also interested in getting fillers in the under eye area. Would the procedure of... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Be Used on such Scars Effectively? (photos)

I have vertical scars on the breast after lifting surgery (2 years ago) and my question is are they keloid and can they be treated with fraxel laser... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Re:fine Effective in Treating Brown Asian?

My dermatologist said that it would be best if she used the fraxel re:fine in treating my acne scars to avoid pigmentation because im asian and i have... READ MORE

Prednisone before/after Fraxel to reduce itching?

Will taking Prednisone a couple days before and after I get Fraxel for stretch marks reduce the laser's effectiveness? I had an intense histamine... READ MORE

Would Accolate Interfere with Fraxel Results?

Is there a potential effect of taking Accolate (for capsular contracture) on the expected benefit of Fraxel laser? I'm concerned because the... READ MORE

Can One Treatment of Fraxel Still Be Effective and Will Medication Affect the Results?

All the literature suggests a few sessions weeks apart, but would I still get very good results for a smoother complexion (acne scars) from one... READ MORE

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