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Can Fraxel Laser Remove Surgical Scars?

Can fraxel laser be used to treat abdominoplasty scars? Is there another type of laser that will diminish the scar? What is the best time frame for... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used on Legs to Remove Sun Damage and Repair Crepey Skin?

I have sun damage on my calves and thighs and the skin has become crepey. Will fraxel help stimulate collagen production and get rid of sun spots? READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Fraxel Laser Re:pair and SR1500?

Hi, could you please explain the difference between Fraxel laser Re:pair and SR1500? Is the Fraxel SR1500 effective for old acne scar removing? Thank you. READ MORE

Will Fraxel Help Minimize (If Not Remove) Mild to Moderate White Stretch Marks on my Buttocks?

Will fraxel help minimize (if not remove) mild to moderate white stretch marks on my buttocks? These developed in late adolescence. I am a healthy,... READ MORE

What Are The Most Effective Intervals Between Fraxel Treatments?

What's the most effective intervals between fraxel laser treatments?? tnx READ MORE

Fraxel and Facelift Done Within the Same Year?

I have been to a couple of plastic surgeons. One says to get facelift, another says to get Fraxel. Can I have the Fraxel done first and then do the... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore For Acne Scars? (photo)

Hi. I was thinking of getting Fraxel restore for my acne scars on my cheeks, but I am not sure that if its really going to help. I am bit suspicious... READ MORE

Fraxel on Eczema?

Hello, I have recurrent eczema on the body. I would only put Diprolene for 2 days (twice a day) and it will go away, it may take 2 to 3 weeks before... READ MORE

Pre-Fraxel Treatment and Fraxel Laser? (photo)

I was told to put a handmade prescription bleaching cream 1 month on the scar area prior to Fraxel Treatment on the area. Why is that? Also, the type... READ MORE

Fraxel Treatments Cause Untreatable Sebaceous Hyperplasia? From Your Experience, is This Possible and Can It Be Treated?

In Sept. 2011, I had my first treatment with the "dual" portion of the Restore laser for long-term melasma. My skin looked great for about two weeks.... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used to Remove Scarring Caused by a Flare of Lupus Discoid?

I was left with some scares on my face after a flare of Discoid Lupus aome 17 years ago. The disease in now totally under control and i take no... READ MORE

Can Red Acne Scars Be Treated With Fraxel?

I had acne scars on my temple area. They are not deep, quite shallow. But however, what makes it more prominent is the fact that they are red at the... READ MORE

Will Using a Palovia Home Laser Dissolve Juvederm Fillers?

I wanted to find out if using the Palovia home fraxel laser would cause dermal fillers to dissolve faster, or lessen their benefits? I have seen... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser Work on my Dark Circles? (photo)

I've always had dark circles under my eyes. Despite living a healthy lifestyle (eating right, staying hydrated, exercising, and getting enough sleep),... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore Dual Work for Hyperpigmentation?

Will fraxel restore dual work for hypepigmentation on light brown skin? Also will it work for flat scars that are discolored? Why have i read so many... READ MORE

My dermatologist did the PRP first then fractional laser immediately after the PRP. Is it effective to do so? (Photo)

I see most dermatologists practice PRP after the laser treatment.This is my skin 1 day after treatment. Its type 2 skin and its not red. Just a bit... READ MORE

Was the Original Fraxel SR750 a CO2 Laser?

Many years ago I had the blue dye Fraxel SR750 laser performed 3 times with little improvement to skin texture and rolling scars. I'm considering... READ MORE

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