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What is Fraxel Dual?

What is the Difference Between Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Restore Dual? READ MORE

Fraxel Dual 1927 Vs 1550?

I've done the Fraxel Dual twice with 1927 setting. Im happy with the results. And Im also now experienced with the recovery involved. However, now I'm... READ MORE

How to Treat Melasma After Fraxel Dual Laser 1927?

I had fraxel dual laser 1927 to treat sun spots and it gave me melasma. I thought it was hypo-pigmentation but have told that it is melasma. Doctor... READ MORE

Is Orange Peel skin after laser permanent? My face is an orange Peel texture now. What happened?

Three months after Fraxel dual I am left with bad texture and Orange Peel skin is this permanent? I can't even put make up due to the skin that... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Seen a Major Cold Sore Outbreak with Fraxel Dual?

I am 45. I have had two PDT (Blu-U w/levulan as well as IPL/V-Beam/Blu-U w/levulan). Both times, my chin broke out in cold sores. It literally looked... READ MORE

Which is right for me - Fraxel Repair, Restore, Dual?

Hi, I am Asian and have moderate melasma (hyperpigmentation). Not sure if it is epidermal or dermal, likely mixed. I've worn 30+ sunblock for over 20... READ MORE

Will laser cause hyperpigmentation?

I'm planning on getting fraxel dual as one of my treatments for my scars.I have slightly raised scars on my chin and rolling scars on my cheeks. All... READ MORE

Received a Dual Fraxel laser treatment without substantial results. Is another treatment best or a chemical peel?

I received a dual fractal laser treatment and was expecting much better results. I have mild acne scarring and a lot of post inflammatory hyper... READ MORE

Will fraxel dual work for my scars at all? (photos)

I'm 17 and had really bad acne but I'm cleared up now. I'm left with severe scars. the scars on my chin are slightly raised and it looks bumpy. The... READ MORE

Three weeks post Fraxel Dual: Constant breakouts, what to do now? (Photo)

Had first Fraxel Dual treatment 3 weeks ago. 5 days post I had a breakout. That breakout was healing and I had an allergic reaction to a moisturizer.... READ MORE

Can freckles and sunspots return after Fraxel Dual treatments despite sunscreen use?

I've had several Fraxel dual treatments to some areas on my body for hyper pigmentation. I use spf 30 and above sunscreen with mineral ingredients... READ MORE

Malange Peel after Fraxel dual?

I had a fraxel dual 1 month ago and feel that my skin is looking older, and more hyperpigmented, despite the hydroquinone and sunblock. My derm... READ MORE

Had Fraxel Dual on Friday 9/4/2015. Will these streaks dissipate in time?

I know red bronzed swelling, sandpaper little brown spots on skin is normal but how about red streaks it looks like that's where the laser went. Will... READ MORE

Is it safe to use triluma to resolve PIH after Fraxel Dual?

I had fraxel laser done about two months ago. I did not have any pigmentation before the treatment just a few deep scars. After the treatment my skin... READ MORE

Is the results from Fraxel Dual Laser only temporary?

I'm wanting to try Fraxel Dual Laser on my acne scars, hoping to improve their appearance. I have some on my cheeks & around my mouth area, indent and... READ MORE

I have had 2 consultations. One clinic offering Fraxel Dual 1550 and the other clinic the fractional laser 1540. (Photo)

The second clinic claims the fractional laser 1540 is the 'upgraded' fraxel and goes deeper into the skin. I went back to the first clinic and they... READ MORE

Can there be delayed, long term skin damage from Fraxel Restore dual, such as ulcerated recurrent sores?

I've seen several reviews and even an online support group from those who have received Fraxel restore who state that after six months to a year, they... READ MORE

How long should you wait after a Fraxel Dual to get a Fraxel CO2 done?

So I first had a Fraxel CO2 laser done and then 2 months later, I got the Fraxel dual laser as it was part of the treatment/package. I got the Fraxel... READ MORE

Does anyone knows of Fraxel resurfacing or dual is permanent or not?

Does anyone knows of fraxel resurfacing or dual is permanent or not? I am really bothered by my texture that it's so waxy and leather feel skin type... READ MORE

I Am Not Peeling 3 Days After Fraxel Dual, Is This Normal?

It's been 3 days since fraxel dual and I am showing no signs of peeling. Is this normal? I live in Singapore (extremely hot and humid since on the... READ MORE

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