Downtime + Fraxel Laser

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What Is The Recovery Time Post Fraxel Restore?

Hi, After performing Fraxel Restore Dual laser (to treat my acne scars) i wonder if i can easily resume my work after three days of the treatment and... READ MORE

Alternative to Fraxel Laser for Ice Pick Scars?

Is there another procedure besides Fraxel that can help improve or eliminate ice pick scars? A procedure that does not involve multiple visits or... READ MORE

What type of laser treatment is the BEST one for Acne scarring and smoothness?

Hi, there are so many treatments for acne scars, I want some expert advice on which one is better. My local clinics offer Fraxel Repair, Fraxel Dual... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore on Lip Lines Cause Difference in Texture?

My doctor is suggesting Fraxel Restore for the area around my lips to reduce vertical lip lines. Can Fraxel only be done in selected area like this... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Downtime with Deep FX or Syneron Emax?

What is the downtime for the Fraxel laser procedure with the Deep FX from Lumenis, or the Syneron Emax laser? READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for dark eye circles. How much does it cost and what is the down time? (Photo)

I've had dark eye circles my whole life. With age they have been getting darker. I read about Fraxel Laser for removal of dark circles. I am... READ MORE

I'm considering Fraxel 1550 with 5 treatments for under eye wrinkles and crows feet. Will a low setting minimize downtime?

I am 48 years old with good clear skin. I am african american and was wondering if this will cause dark circles and will I have a lot of swelling... READ MORE

What is an effective method for removing small scars on the face with minimal downtime?

I have a few small scars on my face that I would like revised. Is it worth fraxel or any laser for a few scars, and if so, can I have it done only on... READ MORE

Will non-ablative Fraxel treatment done on the forehead damage hair follicles on the head?

Hello, I am a 45 year-old male and had a non-ablative Fraxel treatment on my forehead.The nurse said their Fraxel had no downtime. Unlike what I... READ MORE

Does downtime vary after getting progressive fraxel treatments?

I've had 4 fraxel treatments. The first three had about 2-3 days of red and swollen skin. After the 4th one, I look fine-- very minimal pinkness. Does... READ MORE

How many Fraxel 1550 treatments are equal to one ablative CO2 Laser?

I had test patch for CO2 laser to treat acne scars, but the downtime with unacceptable, it took 6 months for the redness of the test to despair,... READ MORE

I had fraxel laser treatment under my eyes. I know have red and purple dots under my eyes. (photos)

How long does this normally take to go away. I was told no down time, I consider this downtime. What should I be using to speed up the healing... READ MORE

Which laser for undereyes wrinkles and fine lines? Fraxel or Halo? (photos)

Hello. I am trying to determine the best laser for fine lines and undereyes wrinkles. I'm not ready to take the C02 plunge so I would like something... READ MORE

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