Dark Spots + Fraxel Laser

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Does Fraxel Get Rid of Age Spots or Does It Just Make Them Fade?

I have age spots on my arms which react to self tanning lotions -they go orange. I am thinking of having them treated with Fraxel. Will they go... READ MORE

Dark Spots After Fraxel

I had my fraxel two week ago. First I have red spot on my face now it turned darkning spot. Do I need to use bleaching cream to get rid off it or... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Dark Spots and Heavy Freckling?

What's the best treatment (Laser, IPL, etc.) for dark spots and heavy freckling? I have tried Fraxel, which worked for a while before browning came... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Safe for Brown, Asian Skin?

Is Fraxel laser safe for brown, Asian brown skin? I'm going to have it done next week. I have brown spots on both of my cheek. Please help. Thank you... READ MORE

Can Existing Pigmentation Darken from Fraxel Restore Laser?

I am Caucasian (white) with dark brown hair & dark brown eyes. I had a test patch done to check if I would hyperpigment with Fraxel Restore. I did... READ MORE

Dark Spots After Fraxel Treatment for Acne Scars... Help?

Hi, In March I had my fourth Fraxel treatment on acne scars from the palomar Starlux 1540 laser. I had had Fabulous results until the last one. about... READ MORE

Facial pigment issue worsening. Dark and white spots. Never pregnant, on birth control or spent much time in sun. Fraxel?(Photo)

Hormone tests normal. What is the best treatment? For years I've used Elta MD Clear spf 46 followed by J Iredale makeup spf 20. Struggled with acne... READ MORE

Dark spots and hairs growing on my chin. Should I get fraxel laser and then laser hair removal treatment or vice versa? (Photo)

I am an African American woman and i have a lot of hyperpigmentation all over my face as well as on my neck area. I also have a lot of hairs and in... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used to Remove Scarring Caused by a Flare of Lupus Discoid?

I was left with some scares on my face after a flare of Discoid Lupus aome 17 years ago. The disease in now totally under control and i take no... READ MORE

Treatments for Dark Complexions with Age Spots?

Is Fraxel laser the best choice for someone with darker skin wanting clearer looking skin on their hands and face?  READ MORE

Dark Spots/hyperpigmentation After Fraxel Treament on my Forehead?

Hello, I had a fraxel treatment a week ago to treat pigmentation on my forehead. After the skin peeled off, I see darker skin right at the centre of... READ MORE

Is Fraxal Dual Really the Best Laser for Dark-ish Scarring and Pitting?

I have scarring that is not very dark and some pitting that looks sort of like indentations. I have had Fraxal Dual suggested to me, but I'm... READ MORE

Is is it normal for skin to turn purple/ black after Fraxel Pixel Laser? (photos)

I had a fraxel pixel performed on me on Thursday Feb 27, 2014. I was told I would be able to return to work. First day my face felt like a very bad... READ MORE

Dark Spots 2 Days After Fraxel Scar Treatment Normal?

Hi, I recently had fraxel scar treatment 2 days back and my skin is very dry and it has VERY UGLY DARK APOTS all over my cheeks and my both cheeks... READ MORE

I've Had Fraxel + Co2 Session Almost 4 Weeks Ago and Now I Noticed Darker Areas on my Cheeks is It Treatable and How?

I've Had Fraxel + Co2 Session Almost 4 Weeks Ago and Now I Noticed Darker Areas on my Cheeks is It Treatable and How? READ MORE

Hydroquinone or Fraxel for acne scar? (Photo)

Hello, I had a consultation in november for Fraxel and the doctor put me under a product called Blanchisse that was supposed to balance my ph, control... READ MORE

Laser toning for fraxel damaged skin (photo)

I had PIH spots from acne. I went for Fraxel which caused big dark spots. I've tried many lightening creams with little success. This is mixed and... READ MORE

Is there a Fraxel Treatment specialist in the Queens area? (photos)

Is fraxel helps to removes my dark spots both on my 2 cheeks .. How much it will cost .and how many treatment ? READ MORE

Fraxel: Skin peeling off with discoloration, how do I fix this fast?

Sir I am a Indian girl of fair skin tone. I had a black spot at one corner of lip which was treated by frazel treatment to remove dark spot. I am on... READ MORE

How can I correct the black spot and pigmentation on my cheeks and nose.

Hello sir/mam I have a black mark both the side of cheeks and nose to I had seen to skin specialist but not any positive result ... m sending u my... READ MORE

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