Dark Circles + Fraxel Laser

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How Many Fraxel Laser Treatments is Required to Fix Dark Circles?

I am 50 and have very dark undereye circles. It is a family trait. I wondered if Fraxel laser treatment would be effective in getting rid of the... READ MORE

23 and Embarassed of Dark Circles - What Can I Do Without Injectables to Fix This?

Hello. I developed dark circles around my eyes roughly 2 years ago while I was taking accutane for my acne(up to 80mg/daily for the last 2 months or... READ MORE

Is Fraxel the Right Treatment for Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles?

I had a 1 treatment fraxel treatment under my eyes for the circles, bags under my eyes (not dark circles).. but no improvement, i done everything to... READ MORE

Surgery, Fraxel Laser, or Dermal Fillers for Hollowness Around Eyes?

I have fine wrinkles, small bags under my eyes, and dark circles that look hollow. Do I need to have surgey to fix it? Will Fraxel Laser or dermal... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Test Area for Dark Circles?

I'm getting a Fraxel re:store dual Laser treatment done for dark circles under my eyes in about a week. I have very delicate skin under my eyes and to... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual on Indian Skin - Setting?

Hi there, I'm interested in getting Fraxel dual to reduce pigmentation under my eye so i can reduce the appearance of my dark circles. What... READ MORE

31 Years Old Hispanic Female with Dark Circles - What's the Best Solution?

Doctors have given me a few solutions:juvederm or transconjunctival blepharoplasty and CO2. Before persuing any of these options, I would like to... READ MORE

Can I Do Fraxel Co2 Laser For Dark Circles After Face Lift Heals?

I had a facelift and necklift 3 weeks ago. I didnt have my forehead or eyebrows lifted. I did have the eyes upper and lower done. ,can I have the... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser Work on my Dark Circles? (photo)

I've always had dark circles under my eyes. Despite living a healthy lifestyle (eating right, staying hydrated, exercising, and getting enough sleep),... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for dark eye circles. How much does it cost and what is the down time? (Photo)

I've had dark eye circles my whole life. With age they have been getting darker. I read about Fraxel Laser for removal of dark circles. I am... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Cause Hollowness Under the Eyes?

I had 1 Fraxel only under my eyes 2 months ago. When he put the devices to protect my eyes from the laser, he tore my cornea. I did not have to pay a... READ MORE

I'm considering Fraxel 1550 with 5 treatments for under eye wrinkles and crows feet. Will a low setting minimize downtime?

I am 48 years old with good clear skin. I am african american and was wondering if this will cause dark circles and will I have a lot of swelling... READ MORE

Treatments from millia, fine lines, dark circles under eyes and pigmentation?

I am 35 years old, have millia and fine lines and fine to medium dark circles around my eyes and some sun damage. What treatments would you recommend?... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Laser help me? (Photo)

Hello, my name is Destiny and I'm 21 yrs old. I have dark circles and fine lines under my eyes, i have my dark circles since a child its hereditary so... READ MORE

Olive/dark Skinned - Hyperpigmentation under eyes post Fraxel and/or IPL treatment. Is there a cure ? PLEASE HELP!

I underwent the PRP/Fraxel & IPL treatment. 4 weeks later I noticed the dark circles under my eyes were much worse. They almost looked like... READ MORE

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