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Preventing PIH After Fraxel Restore or Repair

Have there been any statistics released on the percentage of patients that end up with PIH after Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Repair? Is there anything... READ MORE

When Can I Use Bleaching Cream After Fraxel Treatment?

I just had my ist fraxel treatment. how long after can i start using a bleaching cream? READ MORE

Is a Fraxel laser treatment working even you haven't peeled or gotten brown spots ?

I got my Faxel laser done 5 days ago and the first two days my skin was tight and dry my doctor said after two days I can use my facial cream to... READ MORE

Fraxel for Asian Skin on Retinoic Acid?

I'm doing Fraxel next week, I've been on a lightening cream plus retinoic acid, which I read here would cause reddening. Will this affect my outcome... READ MORE

Pre-Fraxel Treatment and Fraxel Laser? (photo)

I was told to put a handmade prescription bleaching cream 1 month on the scar area prior to Fraxel Treatment on the area. Why is that? Also, the type... READ MORE

How Long Should I Use Antibiotic Cream After Fraxel?

I just had a Fraxel treatment done for an incision scar. I've been putting Polysporin on it as advised, and bandaging the area. How long should I do... READ MORE

Amino Genesis Skin Cream w/ Fraxel?

I Did Fraxel 3 Sessions (Not the Version with CO2 Laser) then 2 Months After Fraxel I put Amino Genesis Tripeptinon skincream on my face. It said the... READ MORE

White spots after Fraxel laser for more than 3 months? (Photo)

I did fraxel laser on August due to pimple scars ,Then Dr prescribed me facelite cream to get rid of scars. Facelite it actually destroyed my face Got... READ MORE

Is it common for a patient to experience purging or breaking out after a Fraxel Dual Treatment for PIH? (photo)

I had an allergic reaction to a retinol/bpo product which gave me cystic acne and PIH. I still have occasional breakouts and read that fraxel can... READ MORE

Is Fraxel treatment the best option for my hyper pigmentation scars on my legs? (photos)

I'm black, 32 years of age, female and live in South Africa, I've had my scars on my legs now for 10 years and decided I want to try and get rid of... READ MORE

Can Fraxel be used on this upper chest skin exposed to too much sun exposure? (photo)

I've got some pigmented and slightly bumpy skin texture on my upper chest. My General Practitioner have prescribed anti-fungal creams and steroids to... READ MORE

I had three fraxel laser treatment to my bottom lip. It has darken it really bad.

Also I'm a Afro American man. I have tried every tropical cream available with no help. What do I do now to help lighten it bac to lts natural color. READ MORE

Existing dark spots in my skin after two times of Fraxel

I had fraxel all over my face in Junuary 2015 and a revision in my forehead in November 2015 because the dark spots were deep. I live in Greece full... READ MORE

3 weeks after fraxel under my eyes. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am putting on them disonide0.1%cream twice a day! And calcifate cream from avene twice a day too READ MORE

Can these treatments be done in the same session to a dermatographism skin? Will my skin return to normal?

13 months ago my dermatologist treated my face and body for acne scars firstly with fraxel mosaic hp er glass 1550 nm and immidietely after used a... READ MORE

Will surgical scar improve from Fraxel and PRP with DermaPen treatments? (photo)

I had a tattoo excised after failed laser treatments. The scar left was large and red with railroad type lines. Vbram for 1 year and now started... READ MORE

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