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Dark spots and hairs growing on my chin. Should I get fraxel laser and then laser hair removal treatment or vice versa? (Photo)

I am an African American woman and i have a lot of hyperpigmentation all over my face as well as on my neck area. I also have a lot of hairs and in... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair After Chin Implants and Rhinoplasty?

I recently had a Rhinoplasty and Chin implants done 7 weeks ago. I was wondering how long I should wait before doing Fraxel Repair on my Acne scars... READ MORE

Long, Raised Scar Caused By Fraxel

Hello I just had my 6th fraxel restore. The first 5 were for moderate-severe acne scarring and it didn't provide much improvement. The 6th restore... READ MORE

Why is the Texture of my Chin Worse 2 1/2 Months After a Total Fraxel?

New lines/orange peel texture-----------will that get better? READ MORE

What is Fraxel 3D?

I read a post from a San Franciso surgeon on Fraxel lasers who said that the 3D laser treatment would be a good option for the chin/neck with no... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation 3 Years After Fraxel?

I did fraxel laser for acne scars 3 years ago.i have since used suncreen daily. i have noticed about 2 months ago the whitening of the chin area. it... READ MORE

I have a minor breakout 1 Week after Fraxel. Is this normal?

It has been a week since receiving my fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. My skin is still pretty rough (which I'm hoping is still normal) but my... READ MORE

Will laser cause hyperpigmentation?

I'm planning on getting fraxel dual as one of my treatments for my scars.I have slightly raised scars on my chin and rolling scars on my cheeks. All... READ MORE

Will fraxel dual work for my scars at all? (photos)

I'm 17 and had really bad acne but I'm cleared up now. I'm left with severe scars. the scars on my chin are slightly raised and it looks bumpy. The... READ MORE

Should my son have fraxel restore? (photo)

What specifically can minimize scarring. What treatments work best for his skin tone. Tan easily, olive tone How long after the stitches are removed... READ MORE

Rough texture persisting after Fraxel Restore six weeks ago for acne scars. What are my options?

I am concerned because my skin in the area treated(1/2 of my chin)still seems rougher and a little different in texture than the rest of my face. I... READ MORE

Can there be delayed, long term skin damage from Fraxel Restore dual, such as ulcerated recurrent sores?

I've seen several reviews and even an online support group from those who have received Fraxel restore who state that after six months to a year, they... READ MORE

Are these extra lines I'm getting from Fraxel treatments going to go away and should I stop the treatments? (photos)

I have had 2 fraxel treatments after the 1st treatment i noticed and extra line form length wise on my chin and mentioned it right away they were not... READ MORE

After a Fraxel, is it normal for a certain area to be burned? (Photo)

I had fraxel done on Friday. Saturday I started getting white bumps around my chin and Saturday night it started feeling and looking more like a burn.... READ MORE

Had 4 treatments of Clear and Bright Fraxel Laser. What can correct pin holes left by this? (photo)

Had 4 treatments of clear and bright. Always had great skin, always complimented by friends, strangers, makeup artists... Etc. I had some... READ MORE

How to fix 'orange peel chin' without going to plastic surgeon // at home? (Photo)

How to fix 'orange peel chin' at home ?? I cant find a plastic sergion that can do his work well , I am scared that getting something will make my... READ MORE

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