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Can Fraxel Laser Be Used on Raised Keloid Scars Effectively?

I have scars on my chest region from a case of sun poisoning that I had as a teenager. Unfortunately, I have keloid skin and I've attempted to... READ MORE

Treatment for chest and neck redness, wrinkles and overall mottled appearance? (photos)

What can I do for my chest and neck? I'm considering Fraxel restore and/or a peel. I'm also prone to skin cancer and have had treatment on a few... READ MORE

Why is my Skin on my Neck and Chest Itching One Month After Fraxel Restore?

My face does not itch, just neck and chest area. It has been 2 months since fraxel restore on my chest, 1 month on my neck. READ MORE

Fraxel Laser While on Coumadin?

I am 48 years old, and taking 9 mgs of Coumadin daily since October of 2008. Can I have a Fraxel Laser treatment on my face, neck, and chest? READ MORE

Will Fraxel Minimize the Appearance of Major Surgery Scar?

I had surgery on my chest over 10 years ago. The scar is smooth, but very long and visibly dark and has grown wider. Will the Fraxel work to minimize... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work on the Chest Area?

I had Fraxel on my face and it definitely works. Although it is a slower process, I feel that it helps skin. I would love to help the skin around my... READ MORE

Still Very Red 8 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore. Is This Normal? What Do You Recommend?

I am 8 weeks post fraxel laser restore on chest and still very red.I saw my board certified dermatologist that did my laser treatment today. He... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Laser Appropriate for Hypopigmented Acne Scars?

I have hypopigmented acne scars on my chest and back. The office I have been talking to says that the scars will totally go away after Fraxel Laser... READ MORE

Fraxel Ruined my Neck/Chest. What Can I Do About the Resulting Hyperpigmentation?

I had fraxel on my neck and chest several years ago and now have hyper-pigmentation that has only gotten worse through the years. Unfortunately, the... READ MORE

Can fraxel laser be used on my back and chest for old acne scars?

I am 45 years old and I have pale skin. If I had treatments on my chest, I assume I would need to shave it, and would the laser help reduce the... READ MORE

Will my Skin Be Able to Tan After Fraxel?

My face and chest won't tan after fraxel treatment. They won't even hold color from self-tanners well. They are different colors from the rest of my body. READ MORE

I had fraxel dual laser treatment on face and neck and chest.

Four days later my jawline is swollen like a chipmunk. I feel as though I have the mumps. READ MORE

Fraxel Dual vs IPL with V Beam?

I am Caucasian & have dark pigmentation on face/neck/chest. Sun damage. One doctor recommended Fraxel Dual & another recommended IPL w/V Beam.... READ MORE

Does Fraxel work on the body?

I was told that Fraxel wouldn't work on my chest, legs and arms because there are no oil glands in those areas. Is this true? If so, is there an... READ MORE

Post-Fraxel PIH on my chest. I have type 3 Asian skin. Will it go away? I'm using hydroquinone 4% every night.

I had stretch marks on my chest. I took one session of fraxel. I hav type 3 asian skin. My chest is covered. No exposure to sun. Its been 5 months to... READ MORE

Will Fraxel co2 laser get rid of my chest wrinkles?

Im 34 and Im seeing these stretch mark looking lines between my boobs and mid chest area its from years of tanning and no sunblock used. Is co2 the... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Tuesday on my face, neck and chest. They used lidocaine on my face only. Will I heal properly if I had an allergy?

Only my face had a severe reaction and is swollen lik a China doll. Benedryl did provide some relief. It is day 4 and still swollen/red. Will my skin... READ MORE

48 fraxel dual or chemical peel?

3 x fraxel dual face, neck and chest or medium/strong chemical peel. I have a reddish complexion and would like to lighten and even the tone. Sun... READ MORE

Can Fraxel be used on this upper chest skin exposed to too much sun exposure? (photo)

I've got some pigmented and slightly bumpy skin texture on my upper chest. My General Practitioner have prescribed anti-fungal creams and steroids to... READ MORE

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