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What Caused my Skin to Break out After Fraxel Laser Treatments?

I had Fraxel treatment done Aug 5th and I'm having alot of break outs and my skin is very oily now. What causes this? Also I had a appointment to go... READ MORE

What is Likely to Cause Bad Fraxel Laser Results?

Which is more likely to cause damage from Fraxel Repair: the laser itself, the settings, or the practitioner? Does the pressure applied by the... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Keloid-prone Skin?

Planning a Fraxel resurfacing and I am very keloid-prone (make too much scar tissue). Will the treatment cause lots of scarring? READ MORE

Fraxel Left Me with a Big, Discolored, Wrinkled Patch of Skin. Why?

I had fraxel treatment for acne scars in April 2010. After healing, a dark brown, scaly, wrinkled patch appeared on my forehead. Every few weeks it... READ MORE

Is It Total Fraxel That Made My Eyelashes Fall Out?

Could Losing My Lower Eyelashes On Both Sides Be from the Center Outward Have Anything to Do with my Having a Total Fraxel? This happened right after... READ MORE

Side Effects of Fraxel Or Thermage?

Can Fraxel Or Thermage cause someone to have Bell's Palsy because of the high intense heat involved? Thank you READ MORE

Can Fraxel cause volume loss?

Can Fraxel cause volume loss? I've been told that it cannot, unless there is operator error. However, how can I know wether the operator or the... READ MORE

Can Fraxel laser treatment cause chronic itching underneath the skin?

Many years ago, when Fraxel laser was first introduce by my dermatologist, I had the fraxel laser treatment to remove scarring on my legs. I only had... READ MORE

What is "Normal" After Fraxel Treatments?

I had my first Fraxel restore treatment 9 days ago. The doctor made 6 passes. I am I didn't get blood spots, I didn't peel I only flaked for a... READ MORE

9 Days Post Fraxel For Mild Acne and Left With Rash-like Skin?

It's Been 9 Days Since I Had my First Fraxel Treatment for Very Mild Acne Scarring I Had Both Cheeks and chin done. Initially I broke out with a huge... READ MORE

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