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Fractional Co2 Vs. Fraxel Restore - Which is Better?

Is fractional Co2 better than Fraxel re:store in treating acne scars & large pores? READ MORE

Fraxel an Option Instead of Facelift?

If I don't want to do a Facelift; is the Fraxel laser a good option? READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Vs. Portrait Plasma Rhytec Low-level

I live in Bangkok where there is no Fraxel Repair but we do have a choice between Fraxel Restore and Plasma Rhytec. I do not feel comfortable going... READ MORE

Can You Spot Treat Crows Feet with Fraxel, or Does the Entire Face Need to Be Done?

Looking for an alternative to Botox for crows feet. Is it ok to spot treat with Fraxel, or would the entire face need to be done to prevent unevenness? READ MORE

Which Treatment is Best for Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, Medlite C6 or Fraxel 1927?

Dear Doctors I am 35 years old , Asian - Skin Fitzpatrick Type 3; and have brown spot on my cheek from Post Inflammatory Pigmentation left from an... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Redness, Sagging. Fraxel Restore Duel V. Sciton Contour TRL Laser Resurfacing?

Interested in best options & results of cosmetic procedures for my skin. Main issue is hyperpigmentation. I'm fair skinned & living in So.... READ MORE

Should I Have Fraxel Re:pair or Active FX?

Many Practitioners consider these two the gold standard of the Fractional Co2's out there. I have some one off active scarring around my inner cheek.... READ MORE

Fraxel or Dermamelan for Dermal Melasma? Two Doctors. Two Different Recommendations.

I have a combination of epidermal and dermal melasma. I have tried various combinations of topicals with little improvement(Retin-A, Triluma,... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 Laser treatment 13 days ago. Should I be peeling a second time?

After week one, the directions for post skin care said to use Lytera Skin Brightening lotion. so I did. The next day I was swollen around eyes where... READ MORE

I Am So Confused: Did I Receive Fraxel Repair or Restore or Something Else?

I had four treatments of what I thought was Fraxel Dual Restore. Each time I experienced quite intense pain even after numbing gel and had to suck... READ MORE

Is Fraxel SR750 Better Than SR1500?

Had a consult with a Dr regarding acne scarring treatment - claims older generation better as it allows more flexibility in the treatment (more manual... READ MORE

Fraxel or IPL or Other for Age Spot Removal on Eastern Asian Skin?

I have been reading about side effects on asian skin from the various types of laser treatment available. Which one is effective on age spots and pore... READ MORE

What Hydroquinone alternative can I use for my face?

After my second fraxel laser treatment, I can no longer use hydroquinone. It doesn't matter the strength. It irritates my skin so badly and it has... READ MORE

Can fraxel be effective for darkness under the eye?

I consulted 2 PS, One said my darkness under the eye is because of wrinkles which will respond to fraxel or plasma... another one said fraxel won't... READ MORE

Does Fraxel work on the body?

I was told that Fraxel wouldn't work on my chest, legs and arms because there are no oil glands in those areas. Is this true? If so, is there an... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Vs. Fraxel - Which Works Best?

I've been going to a MedSpa that recommends Pixel Laser for my moderate to severe acne scars and to a doctor/skin sugery center that recommends Fraxel... READ MORE

Follicular Macular Atrophy - Will Fraxel Laser Work? Is There Any Other Option?

I have done very extensive research on this condition and it appears as if it solely affects users of Accutane. Has anyone actually treated this... READ MORE

Limelight Versus Fraxel for Sun Spots with Redness?

Some sun spots, some redness on cheeks, and skin could be refreshed. What would be effective and safe? READ MORE

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