Aftercare + Fraxel Laser

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Can I Sunbathe After Fraxel Laser Treatments or Will my Skin Be Too Sensitive?

After fraxel re-store treatment how sensitive is to the sun? planning on doing the re-store treatment my main concern now is would I be able to sun... READ MORE

What is the Proper Care After my First Fraxel Treatment?

Today is day 3 after my Fraxel treatment. The doctor used a level 9 only on my cheek areas and a 5-6 on the rest( she did my entire face and neck... READ MORE

How to Improve Skin Texture After Fraxel Restore?

What is the best way to improve skin texture after fraxel restore? I had 1 session of fraxel restore at the end of 2008 and had a bad reaction to it.... READ MORE

How to Treat Fraxel Side Effect?

It seemed ok with the first 2 treatments, but i didn't see any different and then with the 3rd treatment, i noticed that it took so long to heal,... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Be in the Sun 3 Weeks After Fraxel?

Going to hawaii but plan on wearing a hat, sunscreen, and staying under an umbrella. READ MORE

Is Fraxel Treatment Painless?

I am scheduled for my first fraxel treatment and am getting more and more scared by the minute after reading reviews. I was told the treatment was... READ MORE

Proper after-care following Fraxel Refine?

I just had my first Fraxel Refine treatment. My doctor did not give me any advice on after-care, except that I should stay out of the sun (and she did... READ MORE

Copper Peptide as aftercare for Fraxel Repair?

I read Copper Peptide is very good for wound healing. So I would like to use a Copper Peptide serum (by Owndoc) in conjunction with a CeraVe... READ MORE

Safe to use Flexbelt series after Fraxel for legs?

I am going for fraxel treatment for the first time for my legs and have questions about aftercare. I recently started using Flexbelt (abdomen),... READ MORE

1 Months After Fraxel, Face has Been Very Red with Bumps, Normal?

I had my Fraxel laser 4 weeks ago for acnee scars. I went through all normally steps. But since 3 days ago, my face is very red again, has bumps with... READ MORE

Food and habit after the treatment?

I have just done my Fraxel laser treatment and I just wonder if I should think about what to eat and what i should avoid in my meals after the... READ MORE

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