Acne Scars + Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Acne Scars- Does it Work?

Heard a lot about Fraxel laser. Acne is a problem for many people, as well as scarring — can Fraxel treat acne scarring on the face? READ MORE

Fraxel Failed to Work on my Acne Scars

Hi. I have a question regarding Acne Scars. I have undergone six sessions of Fraxel Refine to minimize or make my scars disappear, which did not... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Box Car and Ice Pick Acne Scars?

I saw a dermatologist yesterday and she classified my acne scars as "minor, box car, and ice pick." I am wondering what the best treatment... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Restore for Acne Scars?

I have tried the regular Fraxel and the results are good, but I heard of this new invention, Fraxel Repair, where you undergo the treatment once and... READ MORE

Is Fraxel the Best Laser for Red Marks Left by Acne?

I've got a ton of red marks on my face from my Accutane experience. I am thinking of getting some laser treatment done when I hit the 6 month mark.... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars on Asian Skin?

Hi, I have acne scar in my cheek and few bump (pimple). I want to get rid of that scar. Is Fraxel laser good for me? I'm Asian, 21 yrs old and have... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Give Good Results for Removing Scar?

I got 1cm scar and acne scar. Does Fraxel give good result for removing scars? I'm 16 and I have yellow skin (Asian). I don't have any acne left but... READ MORE

Is Fraxel the Only Option for Indented Scars?

I have tons of indented acne scars, enlarged pores and a fairly large chicken pox scar on my eyebrow. Every skin laser office I go to recommends... READ MORE

When Can I Use Retin-A After Fraxel Restore?

I have some mild acne scarring and I just had my first Fraxel Restore treatment. I discontinued Retin-A (Tretinoin 0.1%) about a week prior. I plan on... READ MORE

Which CO2 Fractional Laser is Better for Superficial Acne Scars? SmartSkin or Pixel CO2?

I'm a 33yr old white female with mainly superficial acne scars that are really only noticeable close up!I would like to get a CO2 fractional laser... READ MORE

Recommended Fraxel Laser for Pores, Acne Scars and Wrinkles?

If I have acne pit scarring and enlarged pores and small wrinkles. If I have acne pit scarring and enlarged pores and small wrinkles under the eyes.... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore from a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist?

There are several places by me that offer Fraxel Restore. I have acne scars and was recommended by a dermatologist to have this treatment done. There... READ MORE

How many Fraxel Restore treatments are needed to see results for acne scars? (photos)

I just got 3 Fraxel Restore treatments done on my face. The settings my doctor use was 45mj energy level, Treatment level 8 and 8 passes. These were... READ MORE

Fraxel Ok if Taking Roaccutane?

Is it recomended to use the "Fraxel" laser treatment for Acne scarring shorthly after one had taken "Roaccutane"? if not, what is... READ MORE

Subcision and Fraxel for Boxcar Scars? (photo)

I plan on receiving Fraxel but was interested in receiving subcision before hand in hopes that both combined would give a better result. Would... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore for Acne Scars - Is the Result Permanent?

As time goes by,collagen loses ,will the sacrs appear again?How long will the result last? READ MORE

Fraxel Re:store or Fraxel Re:pair for Rolling Acne Scars?

Finally cleared up my acne with treatment of 40mg Accutane per day for 5 months. I have moderate case of rolling, depressed, and slightly discolored... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:store for Type VI Skin?

I'm considering Fraxel Re:store laser for severe acne scarring. I have Asian skin which is between Fitzpatrick Type V and VI. I've never seen Fraxel... READ MORE

Subcision After Fraxel Laser

I heard that subcision followed by Fraxel Laser has had great results for acne scar patients (I am not sure if this is in the same session or... READ MORE

Wanting to Address Acne Scars, Pigment & Large Pores, Is Fraxel Repair Right for Me? (Photos)

Im considering Fraxel Repair for my acne scars, pigment & large pores. Im worried about: 1. Acne flair up from the aftercare cream. Is there an... READ MORE

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