1 Day Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Bleeding Normal After Fraxel CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

I just had Fraxel CO2 done this morning. My face started bleeding 5 to 6 hours after it's done. Is it normal? I'm really worry. I'm... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Gone Wrong- Indented/Oozing/Broken Skin. What To Do? (photo)

I just had fraxel restore done (7 hours ago). The pics shows fraxel restore done to an area with no scars (mistake technique made) and there's 2... READ MORE

How long does swelling and dark bronzing last after Fraxel?

I have olive skin and got my procedure done 24 hours ago and my face is now very dark (tight, and scaly almost like a bad sunburn). it is also still... READ MORE

Burn marks post fraxel? (Photo)

I had fraxel yesterday morning and was left with this burn mark. I had asked the doc to be careful on the settings and still this happens! Is it... READ MORE

Grid pattern on face 24 hrs post Fraxel. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Fraxel done for melasma yesterday. When I woke up this morning, there was a clear grid pattern all over my face. I have done Clear + Brilliant... READ MORE

Fraxel 1 Day PO, Noticed What Appeared to Be a Very Small Bright Red Broken Blood Vessel on my Nose, Is This Permanent?

Fraxel restore done yesterday. 34 year old woman with light indented surgical and ice pick scaring of the nose. Doctor said the laser was on a high... READ MORE

I Had Fraxel Yesterday and Am Wondering What the Risk Are of Going on a Slow Run?

Why is it bad to engage in exercise within three days of a fraxel treatment? I'd like to go for a slow run where it is highly unlikely I would even sweat, READ MORE

Is It Normal Not To Experience Fraxel Side Effects?

I had my first fraxel Re:store yesterday. Everything went well. Howevr, today, my face looks like it healed! I dont see any expcteed side effect (eg.... READ MORE

18 hours post Fraxel restore 1550. Have you seen anything like this open blister on my nose? Should I be concerned? (photos)

I had Fraxel Restore done yesterday. My Clinic isn't open yet. I'm just concerned given all the negative reviews I've read about Fraxel. Is this sore... READ MORE

Is it normal for my skin to look the same after Fraxel Laser?

I got fraxel laser done, full fake its been over 24 hour but less than 48 hours & my face only got swollen & a little pink. is this normal? READ MORE

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