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Repeat Fractional CO2 Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment under eyes two weeks ago. I like the results, but am thinking I will need a bit more tightening. How long must... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have a spray tan after have ablative fractional laser resurfacing (Fraxel re:pair)?

I love spray tanning and I have one a week but I am having ablative fractional laser resurfacing (Fraxel re:pair) should I let my spray tan fade... READ MORE

Erbium Fractional Lasers and CO2 Procedure. How Long Should I Wait Between? (photo)

How long after a fractional laser treatment should I wait before having a C02 procedure. I had disappointing results with Erbium Fractional,... READ MORE

Is it okay to have a 5 weeks gap for another Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have just had a Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and it took about 10-14 days for the redness to go away. I am planning to get another one and asked... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a glass of wine the night before Frational C02 laser?

Just a glass, bad idea? I have abstained from alcohol for a week prior, just wondering if one glass night before is okay? READ MORE

How Long After Non Ablative Fractional Laser Do You Have to Wait to Get a Peel?

How long after Non ablative fractional laser resurfacing do you have to wait to get a peel? Ethnic skin. READ MORE

How long must one wait after an injury has healed to have fractional laser surgery to reduce the scar?

Hello! I recently (1 week ago) had a mole removed that looks like it might leave a small indentation in my skin. I am extremely worried as this is on... READ MORE

Stratamed gel after fractional laser?

I've done fractional laser to treat my acne scars month ago, then my DR subscribed Stratamed gel 10g combined with Zarotex & Contractubex daily,... READ MORE

How Long (Minimum) Should I Wait Before I Have Fractional Resurfacing, After Dysport? (photo)

I have had dysport 1 wk ago; how long (minimum) should I wait before I have fractional resurfacing for the most effective results? Will it damage the... READ MORE

Fractional laser after lipo?

Hello , i did a liposuction for my abdomen , flanks and back . unfortunately now the stretch mark are more obvious i want to know how long do i have... READ MORE

Best time for fractional CO2 after supra periosteum cheek implant removal?

I plan to have malar implants that were placed above the periosteum removed (via mouth). I assume this will result in skin laxity, and I would like to... READ MORE

How soon after facial resurfacing (non-ablative) can you get other procedures done?

Specifically when is it safe to do fillers, Botox, IPL, or vampire facial? I was told 3-4 weeks for IPL and PRP, and a week for Botox/fillers. But... READ MORE

How Soon After Smartskin Fractional CO2 Laser Can I Get ViPeel?

I had a Smart Skin CO2 laser procedure performed under eyes 4 weeks ago. Is it safe o have a ViPeel now? Thanks! READ MORE

What will happen if I do another Fractional laser session too early after previous session?

Is there any side effects if i perform another deep fractional laser 4 weeks earlier then the expected downtime of 8 weeks. Will the collagen get... READ MORE

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