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Fractional Laser for Atrophic Scar?

Hi, my question is, if a couple of treatments with a palomar fractional laser, suggested by the surgeon (don't know if ablative or not), could... READ MORE

Palomar 1540 Fractionated Laser for Breast Reduction Scar?

Is the Palomar 1540 fractionated laser wise to use to remove scarring from a breast reduction I had 5 years ago? READ MORE

Fractional Laser Scar Treatments on Children

Have fractional lasers ever been used successfully to treat trauma or surgery scars on infants or young children? If so which fractional lasers were... READ MORE

Why do fractional lasers leave pinhole scars in skin? Is it the machine or the person treating?

Why does this happen I've been scarred and it's been almost 2 years Scince I was treated with no improvement. Seen numerous dermatologists a plastic... READ MORE

Can the palomar emerge 1410 laser cause fat loss, damage hair follicles and create millions of micros holes and scars in skin

I seem to have fat loss,holes all over skin laser head scars redness and dents after Emerge non ablative 1410nm laser. 4 treatments highest setting... READ MORE

Can heat damage the skin?

I've read that heat can cause DNA and collagen damage, cause blood vessels to grow and become bigger and thin the skin. This deeply concerns me when... READ MORE

When should I start fractional laser therapy for my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (photos)

Hi. I had muffler scars from 1st to 2nd degree burn wound last April 2016. I applied Mebo burn ointment. After it healed i applied Contractubex and... READ MORE

Fractional Laser treatment. How much time will it take to recover?

Hi doctor.I have done fractional lazer treatment only on my cheeks because thank was only my affected area.There was little scars and red ance marks... READ MORE

CO2 Fractional Lazer - Worth it ? Recommended in my case ? Does it heal my scars or worsen them? (photos)

I had a big bump on my nose that i got it zipped approximately 7 Months ago. It scared into the inside (not over my skin but like a small hole). I... READ MORE

How long between fractional laser for surgery scars to heal? Does my result looks normal? (photos)

I'm Arab w/ olive skin & had brachio & thighplasty in 2009 post massive weight loss. Scars discolored, spread & raised. March, April & May 2014 I had... READ MORE

Will Dermapen help with scars from Fractional Laser?

I have just had a course of 3 Dermapen treatments to correct damage from Fractional laser(scars,pinholes). And 3 led light treatments spread out every... READ MORE

After three monthly fractional laser treatments for scars, can I wait 12 weeks for subsequent session? (photos)

I have been getting fractional laser for thighlift and brachioplasty scars. I'd like to wait 12 weeks for fourth laser sessions to see how my skin and... READ MORE

Is Fractional Laser 1540 non ablative safe on cleft lip scar?

Am thinking about having laser on my lip scar because it's kind of raised and is soo red ... please help and thank you READ MORE

Dark scar on forehead. Will fractional laser resurfacing help? (Photo)

I ve been using scar cream for around a two month and i dont see much improvement, ive been advised for fractional laser resurfacing, wil it help, any... READ MORE

fractional laser right after hyaluronidase injection. Could the hyaluronidase have been dissolved?

I had hyalouronidase in my cheecks to remove hyalouronic placed there. The next day I had a fractional laser. Now 1 month and a half later I see the... READ MORE

Is there any side effects of fractional laser treatment?

I am thinking to undergo fractional laser treatment for my neck scar but i am worried about its side effects. Is there any harmful effects of laser... READ MORE

Lump under scar (face)? Could fractional laser help with this?

Hi, I have two scar on my face from surgery 9 months ago that I'm happy with as they're both flat and white. However, one of the scar still has like a... READ MORE

Mixto Fractional CO2 Vs Matrix RF Laser for Ice Pick Scars?

I'm considering doing laser treatment for my ice pick scars. I wonder what the difference between Mixto Fractional CO2 and Matrix RF laser is and... READ MORE

Best treatment for laser damage?

Its been 19months scince i had fractional laser treatment. My skin is ruined. Scars dents pinholes from the laser. A doctor has suggested sculptra... READ MORE

Can you use the Fractional Palomar for seborrheic keratosis and a biopsy scar?

Well unfortunately I've been diagnosed with seborrheic keratosis which happens to be on face. I also got a shave biopsy on a portion of it, which... READ MORE

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