Redness + Fractional Laser

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Redness After CO2 Fractional Laser

I was treated with CO2 Fractional Laser for acne scar on my whole face 4 weeks ago. Now, it's still pretty red, and I feel hopeless because it seems... READ MORE

Down Time of CO2 Fractional Laser Acne Scar Treatment ?

I want to know the down time of CO2 fractional laser treatment.. how many days it takes to appear our skin normal without redness and other effects.. READ MORE

Post-fractional Laser Redness After 4 Weeks: How to Make It Go Away Faster?

Dear doctor. Good day. I'd had fractional laser on both cheeks to minimize acne scars appearance on 2nd September 2012. The dermatologist promised me... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment For Acne Scars?

I had fractional Co2 laser treatment for my acne scars 1 month and 1/2 after i was done from my roacutaine treatment. At the time I was having the... READ MORE

Is it okay to have a 5 weeks gap for another Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have just had a Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and it took about 10-14 days for the redness to go away. I am planning to get another one and asked... READ MORE

Had Frac. Co2 Laser Face/neck 6 Days Ago. Neck is Extremely Dry, Raw, Red, Wrinkled? Face Healed Great. Will This Tighten Up?

When I move my head side to side they are so many lines/wrinkles that were never there before. I'm told that once new skin grows and hydrated- it will... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from Fractional Laser?

Hi doctor,i have done fractional lazer on this friday and today is 3rd day after the treatment.The depth of fractional lazer wase only 2 i think so... READ MORE

How much time to fade the blackish redness after fractional ... c02 laser??? I m 20 anything about to worry about? (photo)

I have done my stretch mark treatment on 22 days ago on my biceps with fractional skin is still blackish red this normal much... READ MORE

I had fractional laser on my face 6 days ago. Right side of my face is scarlet red. What can I do to relieve the redness?(Photo)

I had fractional laser 6.days ago. The right side of my face is scarlet. How can I diminish the redness READ MORE

Stratamed gel after fractional laser?

I've done fractional laser to treat my acne scars month ago, then my DR subscribed Stratamed gel 10g combined with Zarotex & Contractubex daily,... READ MORE

Fractional Laser treatment. How much time will it take to recover?

Hi doctor.I have done fractional lazer treatment only on my cheeks because thank was only my affected area.There was little scars and red ance marks... READ MORE

How can Fractional Er.YAG. Laser (2940nm), Fractional CO2 Laser (10600nm) and Fractional CO2 Laser RF can be compared? (Photos)

I have already had a session of fractional laser which resulted in a 10 day recovery during which I had redness and "dot spots" all over my face. My... READ MORE

I had the fractional laser resurfacing about 3 weeks ago. My skin is extremely dry.

I've had this treatment before and I understand the process but I need to know a specific name or kind of moisturizer to use under my makeup. Most of... READ MORE

Is it normal after Fractional Laser c02, parts scabs are gone and others just turned red?

 If they only put red means bad procedimeinto was performed and no penetration of the laser ?? READ MORE

Blotchy Skin After Palomar Laser?

I had a Palomar 1540 treatment done 7 days ago. My face is blotchy with red marks but the swelling is gone. Does this ugly look stay forever? My... READ MORE

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing (Palomar) Vs. Laser Genesis (Both Non Ablative)

I had slight indents - ice pick and other scars on cheeks from cystic acne. Slight redness as well. Have been advised different treatments everywhere... READ MORE

What Can I Do for Redness/PIH/dry/pores Enlarge/blackhead and Whitehead? (photo)

Hey Doctors. I had mild acne scars since i had acne last August 2010. I started taking Acnotin/Roaccutane on last September 2010 n stopped end of May... READ MORE

Redness 6 Months After Having a Non-ablative Starlux 1540, Normal?

My skin was in excellent condition when the office suggested to try the non ablative star lux palamor 1540. The procedure was performed on thursday,by... READ MORE

I have really bad Hypopigmentation & redness on most of my face from the fractional CO2. What treatment would you recommend?

What is the best treatment to get rid of this hypopigmentation that looks like leopard spots on my forehead & down the sides of my face, and the... READ MORE

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