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Track Lines Still Visible Almost 6 Months After Frac. Co2 Laser. Permanent?

I had Affirm Smartskin fractional Co2 laser - full face - almost 6 months ago. The doctor went over the area between by eyes more aggressively than... READ MORE

Do I Need To Worry About Weather Conditions After Facial Co2 Fract. Laser?

When you've had a Facial Co2 Fract.laser treatment & U work in open air. What about cold,snow,rain,wind (autumm/winter time)? Is it ok 2 work... READ MORE

Best Fractional Laser Face Resurfacing for Acne Scars? (photo)

I am 22 and have some mild acne scarring (ice pick scarring and light red spots). I have tried peels (Vi peel, salicylic acid, TCA, etc.) mild lasers... READ MORE

After Doing Fractional Laser I Got a Two Black Spots Out of Burns. How Can I Get Rid of It? I already Tried A Chemical Peel

No improvement after fractional laser for my pitted acne scars but i got 2 black spots out of burns(laser beam).My doctor told if i do a chemical peel... READ MORE

Grid pattern still in skin 3 years after laser?

Its been 3 years now scince i had fractional laser and i still have the grid pattern punched in my skin and also white thickened skin in wierd... READ MORE

Stratamed gel after fractional laser?

I've done fractional laser to treat my acne scars month ago, then my DR subscribed Stratamed gel 10g combined with Zarotex & Contractubex daily,... READ MORE

I had fractional laser on my face 6 days ago. Right side of my face is scarlet red. What can I do to relieve the redness?(Photo)

I had fractional laser 6.days ago. The right side of my face is scarlet. How can I diminish the redness READ MORE

Is there a cure for deep open pores, kinda like dotted pricks, all over the cheeks and nose. Would a fractional laser work?

Need to find a cure for deep chicken pocs scars and open pores (like deep dot dot dots on the cheek and nose). They go pretty deep so I'm not sure a... READ MORE

Is fractional laser the best treatment for my hypertrophic acne scars? (Photo)

I have had these scars on my nose for over 5 years. I recently went to a dermatologist and she told me that my scars are like "fat deposits" and said... READ MORE

Is fractional laser resurfacing a good option for chest stretch marks? African American (Photo)

I'm 20 years old and I got these stretch during a very short period of time 5 years ago when I gained a lot of weight. The right side of my chest has... READ MORE

If I found a Dr. I trusted, but was still paranoid about problems resulting from a fractional laser, what could I do? (Photo)

I'm looking at Dr's for a full face fractional laser procedure here in LA. Of course I'll ask for proof showing they've done a lot of these. But is... READ MORE

Peroxide benzoyl to dry/treat a few small whiteheads after fractional laser session?

A few small whiteheads have appeared wilst using the "gooey ointment" needed after fraccional laser. I know this isn't uncommon and can be treated... READ MORE

Checkerboard Pattern and Scar Like Line After Fractionated CO2 Laser Treatment, What's The Best Option To Treat This? (photo)

I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment 11/11. 3 months later I still have a checkerboard pattern on both sides of my face & a line that looks... READ MORE

Dark Circles Around my Eyes Got Worse After Fractional Laser. Is This Permanent? What Are My Options?

Hello, I did Fractional laser last month because of my dark circles around my eyes. But it looks worse now. I'm depressed. The area that had been... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Full Face Fractional Co2 Laser my Face is Very Sensitive. Options?

Hi. 4 weeks ater full face fractional co2 laser my face is still very sensitive and even cetaphil, sorbelene make it sting. I can't use sunscreen... READ MORE

The Area Around my Eyes Got Dark After Fractional Laser. What's Going On? How Do I Fix This?

I recently had C02 fractional laser resurfacing under my eyes because I had black rings under my eyes. After this procedure the area started becoming... READ MORE

What Can Be Done For Scarring And Larger Pores Following Fractional CO2 Laser 6 Weeks Ago?

I Was Treated with Fractional CO2 Laser 6 Weeks Ago and I Got Minor Scarring from That. In addition, my pores became larger. Could you please let me... READ MORE

Best treatment for laser damage?

Its been 19months scince i had fractional laser treatment. My skin is ruined. Scars dents pinholes from the laser. A doctor has suggested sculptra... READ MORE

I had fractional co2 laser. The vaseline seems to make it worse? It's been two weeks (Photos)

So dry. What do you think of Argan oil or coconut oil to keep skin moist.if not please suggest something,. Please be detailed, I would have to have my... READ MORE

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