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ı Had Fractional Co2 Laser Done 2 Months Healed Without Crustıng Peelıng or Wound but Now ı See Some Scratch Marks??

My face became quıte red lıke measles (red dots) after co2 fractional laser ,after two months now ı have dıscoloratıon on my face and ı see some scrat... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Matrix-like Dark Dots All over my Face Post a Fractional Skin Resurfacing?

I am 29 and I just had a fractional skin resurficing for the 1st time,My face got red like if I had a sunburn, I used Aquaphor since and today is... READ MORE

hyperpigmentation after fractional co2 (photos)

I have fractional laser last 5 weeks for heal stretch mark but may skin still darker than normal skin. My doctor say its normal but she don't know how... READ MORE

Is it normal after Fractional Laser c02, parts scabs are gone and others just turned red?

 If they only put red means bad procedimeinto was performed and no penetration of the laser ?? READ MORE

Loss of hair after Fractional laser. Is this normal?

2 yrs ago i had fractional laser with Palomar Emerge 1410. Which is a diode laser. The consent form i signed says coinsidental hair removal which can... READ MORE

White area from laser - is this normal? (photo)

Hey! I was treated with fractional laser for acne scars today. Around the laser spors is now an white area. Will this skin go back to normal color again? READ MORE

Will these dots from fractional laser go away? (Photos)

I had a co2 fractionsl laser 20 days ago and the dots, mostly around my mouth, turned into red darker dots. So, is this normal? And what should i do... READ MORE

Fractional laser treatment- is it normal to get facial inflammation on the 4th day after the treatment?

I had a fractional laser treatment last Wednesday areound 1:00pm. My face is going thru the healing process as I researched for the first 3 days.... READ MORE

No Results from 6 Fractional Treatments. Is This Normal?

I Have Had 6 Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing over the course of 5 months for hyperpigmentation on my face. I have lupus and am taking... READ MORE

Redness 6 Months After Having a Non-ablative Starlux 1540, Normal?

My skin was in excellent condition when the office suggested to try the non ablative star lux palamor 1540. The procedure was performed on thursday,by... READ MORE

The right parameter for next factional laser treatment? (Photo)

Hello docs! I had my first laser fractional treatment a month ago. I just realized the laser dot is visible on my skin now, is it normal? Also I don't... READ MORE

Is it normal to have uneven burns on the face after a fractional laser?

I had erbium and co2 fractional laser about 1.5 days ago. Now my skin looks burned and have uneven discoloration. No signs of peeling. Skin is tight.... READ MORE

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