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PRP with Fractional CO2 Laser?

I am considering a fractional CO2 laser. Would protein rich plasm injections help with healing? I have read it contains 22 healing properties. Oral... READ MORE

ı Had Fractional Co2 Laser Done 2 Months Ago.it Healed Without Crustıng Peelıng or Wound but Now ı See Some Scratch Marks??

My face became quıte red lıke measles (red dots) after co2 fractional laser ,after two months now ı have dıscoloratıon on my face and ı see some scrat... READ MORE

Is it possible to heal or fix acne scars completely? What is the best result I can expect from Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have a very severe acne scars, I am sorry for not being able to provide any photos. I have done 3 treatments of fractional CO2 laser resurfacing so... READ MORE

Will micro holes from laser resurfacing fill in?

How long does it typically take for the laser holes to fill in after a pearl fractional procedure? Should they have filled in right away, or does it... READ MORE

hyperpigmentation after fractional co2 (photos)

I have fractional laser last 5 weeks for heal stretch mark but may skin still darker than normal skin. My doctor say its normal but she don't know how... READ MORE

What to do after possible damage with Pearl Fractional Laser and other Acne scar treatments? (photos)

Have I overdone it with tx's?Last June started minocyclin, worked great. For icepick scars on forehead, tried retin a for 3 mths, b4 that did 4 chem... READ MORE

Is this wrinkled texture under my eyes normal after profractional laser? (photos)

Is this wrinkled texture under my eyes normal after profractional laser? Will it heal? I'm devastated and look like a 60 year old when I'm only 23. It... READ MORE

Is it possible to still be healing 18 months after fractional laser treatment?

I had fractional laser treatment 18 months ago. I now have severe wrinkling, discoloration, and a weird texture to my skin. I did not have wrinkles... READ MORE

Is laser/Matrix Fractional Resurfacing bad for my nose?

I have recently been getting laser/fractional resurfacing for removal of acne scars, mainly on my cheeks and my forehead, but never the nose. However,... READ MORE

Can the scar from laser mole removal heal?

Can the scar left from laser mole removal heal from use of dermapen or co2 fractional laser? And can the scar area tan or will it stay a white spot in... READ MORE

How likely is scarring if you pick your scabs after fractional laser treatment?

I'm on day 3 of recovery from fractional laser treatment and I believe my face has taken the correct healing route. However, a small section of scabs... READ MORE

Will these holes ever disappear from Pearl Fractional? (photos)

I'm now 12 days post, the holes burned by pearl fractional have not improved at all.It was not too aggressive of a tx.I understand I'm still in the... READ MORE

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