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Should I Have Fractional Laser Treatment on a Scar That is Still in the Process of Natural Healing?

I have an atrophic scar on my forehead that is only from 6 months ago. I would like to get a fractional laser procedure done to minimize the... READ MORE

What to do after possible damage with Pearl Fractional Laser and other Acne scar treatments? (photos)

Have I overdone it with tx's?Last June started minocyclin, worked great. For icepick scars on forehead, tried retin a for 3 mths, b4 that did 4 chem... READ MORE

Will profractional laser help with deep acne scarring?

I am getting 3 treatments of the profractional laser with 3 mlp's spaced out every month. I have deep acne scars on the forhead. Will this help and... READ MORE

Can this still be repaired, or what should I do now? (Photo)

I had several laser sessions i had 5 fractiomal laser sessions on the scar it went some better but still i was not happy with the result so i made the... READ MORE

How many weeks after forehead stitches should a 12 yr old have Pro Fractional laser treatments?

How many weeks after forehead stitches should a 12 yr old have Pro Fractional laser treatments? READ MORE

Dark scar on forehead. Will fractional laser resurfacing help? (Photo)

I ve been using scar cream for around a two month and i dont see much improvement, ive been advised for fractional laser resurfacing, wil it help, any... READ MORE

Face didn't peel much after pearl fractional laser.

I had the procedure done 9 days ago. many sections of my face didn't fully peal .I have grids marks on my forehead and many other sections of my face.... READ MORE

Sciton microlaser peel and profractional done 1 year ago for acne scars left wlme with dyschromia and redness. Suggestion?

Thank you in advance for your answer. I had sciton microlaser peel and profractional done for acne scars on my forehead and temples 1 year ago. I had... READ MORE

Is this procedure recommended?

I have sagging eyes, high forehead, thinning hair at top of forehead.....also, facial wrinkles. I am considering a brow lift, also ProFractional Laser... READ MORE

Fractional laser treatment for atrophic acne scars on forehead - Lumenis ResurFX vs Sciton Pro-fractional?

Trying to decide which dermatologist's office to try - one offers Lumenis ResurFX for $1500 for face, other offers Sciton Pro-fractional for $750 for... READ MORE

I have really bad Hypopigmentation & redness on most of my face from the fractional CO2. What treatment would you recommend?

What is the best treatment to get rid of this hypopigmentation that looks like leopard spots on my forehead & down the sides of my face, and the... READ MORE

I have had scab on my forehead. It has sunsided. However it is still dark brown. What options do I have? (photo)

My doc is recommending ablative laser. I was wondering if cosmetic prod like loreal laser or kheil's clearly corrective can fix it or do I need an... READ MORE

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