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Can Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Cause New Wrinkles?

I see new wrinkles under my eye. i'm on day 4. from sunday i saw new vertical/diagonal wrinkles under my eyes that i didn't have. i had almost... READ MORE

Redness After CO2 Fractional Laser

I was treated with CO2 Fractional Laser for acne scar on my whole face 4 weeks ago. Now, it's still pretty red, and I feel hopeless because it seems... READ MORE

Is fractional laser would be an effective way to get rid of the scars? (photos)

Uploaded a more clear picture of my acne scars. Is fractional laser would be an effective way to get rid of the scars? How much would it be and how... READ MORE

How long must one wait after an injury has healed to have fractional laser surgery to reduce the scar?

Hello! I recently (1 week ago) had a mole removed that looks like it might leave a small indentation in my skin. I am extremely worried as this is on... READ MORE

Saggy under eyes after 2 fractional laser treatments. Any suggestions?

I am worried because it seems that every times I have a laser treatment on my face, my under eyes are getting more wrinkles. My under eyes skin is... READ MORE

I had fractional laser on my face 6 days ago. Right side of my face is scarlet red. What can I do to relieve the redness?(Photo)

I had fractional laser 6.days ago. The right side of my face is scarlet. How can I diminish the redness READ MORE

Will bronzing from fractional laser/fraxel ever go away? I have these dots from the laser grid on my face for 3 mths now.(photo)

I'm wondering when the grid/track marks on my face will ever go away. I recently saw the dermatologist who did the procedure and he said that it's... READ MORE

Face didn't peel much after pearl fractional laser.

I had the procedure done 9 days ago. many sections of my face didn't fully peal .I have grids marks on my forehead and many other sections of my face.... READ MORE

What corrects laser thermal damage to the face?

Skin damaged 4 years ago after 4 fractional laser treatments with Palomar Emerge 1410nm .Had 8 skin needling treatments to try and correct it...no... READ MORE

Semi-ablative Fractional left me with indented red scars (5th week after the said procedure). Is this normal? (photos)

I don't know if this is a botched procedure but I really feel like my dermatologist is not telling me the truth so I am posting here to ask the real... READ MORE

Can I wash or bath my face whiles undergoing fractional laser treatment? (Photos)

I am undergoing 8 sections of fractional laser treatment for acne with 3weeks interval after each section.....i was told not o wash or bath my face... READ MORE

Lump under scar (face)? Could fractional laser help with this?

Hi, I have two scar on my face from surgery 9 months ago that I'm happy with as they're both flat and white. However, one of the scar still has like a... READ MORE

No Results from 6 Fractional Treatments. Is This Normal?

I Have Had 6 Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing over the course of 5 months for hyperpigmentation on my face. I have lupus and am taking... READ MORE

Will Fractional Help My Acne Scarring?

Is Fractional CO2 Non-Ablative Laser effective for acne scarring? Can anyone comment? READ MORE

Red Marks 1 Month PO From Non Ablative Palomar Fractional Laser Treatment, Is This Normal?

I Still Have Dark Red Marks from a Non Ablative Palomar Fractional Laser Treatment I Had Done on my Face a Month Ago. READ MORE

HELP!! Hypo or hyperpigmentation and what can I do to try and correct it, if anything? (Photo)

I had fractional laser done on my face 9/2012. I have a lot of hyper/hypopigmentation now as a result. I have seen multiple doctors in multiple states... READ MORE

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