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Can Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Cause New Wrinkles?

I see new wrinkles under my eye. i'm on day 4. from sunday i saw new vertical/diagonal wrinkles under my eyes that i didn't have. i had almost... READ MORE

Redness After CO2 Fractional Laser

I was treated with CO2 Fractional Laser for acne scar on my whole face 4 weeks ago. Now, it's still pretty red, and I feel hopeless because it seems... READ MORE

Treating Acne Flare 2-4 Days Post Fractional Co2?

I had fractional CO2 treatment on my face/neck. I started antiviral Valacyclovir (twice a day) 2 days post & antibiotic Cephalexin 500mg one day... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Madonna Lift?

I had 'the madonna lift' 2 weeks ago and was just wondering when I would start to see noticeable results as at the moment I see no... READ MORE

Does Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Really Work? How Many Session Should I Need to Undergo? (photo)

I had a Fractional CO2 Laser treatment last June. It cleared most of the pimples. But I still I have some boxcar and ice pick pimple marks. Would... READ MORE

How to repair micro pin holes all over face from laser (orange peel texture)? (photo)

Can anyone suggest how I can help heal my skin after laser damage from the Emerge Fractional Laser? I have Micro pin holes all over where the laser... READ MORE

Waiting Between Thermage, Accent XL and Fractional Resurfacing Treatments

How long do I need to wait between a Thermage/Accent XL procedure and a Fractional Resurfacing treatment such as Total FX? READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Collagen Remodelling?

I have a severe acne scar and to remove it, I have done a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing 1 month ago. However, I did not see any dramatic... READ MORE

Track Lines Still Visible Almost 6 Months After Frac. Co2 Laser. Permanent?

I had Affirm Smartskin fractional Co2 laser - full face - almost 6 months ago. The doctor went over the area between by eyes more aggressively than... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser Oozing. Worried the Oozing Will Scar?

I did a full face fractional laser treatment. My face became really swollen on the second day and oozing accelerated from the second day. The oOze... READ MORE

Post-fractional Laser Redness After 4 Weeks: How to Make It Go Away Faster?

Dear doctor. Good day. I'd had fractional laser on both cheeks to minimize acne scars appearance on 2nd September 2012. The dermatologist promised me... READ MORE

Do I Need To Worry About Weather Conditions After Facial Co2 Fract. Laser?

When you've had a Facial Co2 Fract.laser treatment & U work in open air. What about cold,snow,rain,wind (autumm/winter time)? Is it ok 2 work... READ MORE

Repeat Fractional CO2 Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment under eyes two weeks ago. I like the results, but am thinking I will need a bit more tightening. How long must... READ MORE

Treatments to Repair Hyperpigmentation After Fractional CO2?

Which among TCA, IPL or other treatments would help for serious post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) after Fractional CO2 faster? READ MORE

Microdot Bumps and Holes After Fractional Laser - Will This Resolve on Its Own? (photo)

I had fractional laser done on my face exactly three weeks ago and was told recovery would be about a week. Now, I have microdot bumps around my eyes... READ MORE

Why Are my Under Eye Wrinkles Worse After Laser Treatment?

I have minor fine lines under my eyes and went to see a cosmetic clinic and they suggested 3 treatments of endymed fsr to improve them, im 5 weeks... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Under Eyes from Fractional CO2 Laser

A Fractional CO2 Laser treatment a few weeks ago left noticeable hyperpigmentation under my eyes. It worked on my skin though, which had lightened,... READ MORE

Is TNS Essential Serum Safe During Pregnancy?

I have recently started using TNS Essential Serum to repair skin damaged through fractional laser treatments. I am newly pregnant and wonder if the... READ MORE

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