Ankles and Feet Swollen After Vaser Liposuction

I had a Vaser Liposuction (13 days ago) for the love handles, inner thighs, banana rolls and knees. Only aprx 700cc of fat was removed in total, yet the swelling was insane! i am now a lot less swollen and can see somewhat the results will be like already and happy. HOWEVER, my ankles-feet are swollen! is that normal? and the knees are still swollen as as well compared to my inner thighs and love handles who seemed to de-swelled really fast and healed much quicker. please advise if i should be concerned.

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Ankles and feet swollen after Vaser Liposuction

Your are fluid retaining. Call the surgeon ASAP for advise and treatment. It is easy to correct with diuretics or elevation of the legs or both.

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Swollen feet after liposuction

Swollen feet are not that unsual after liposcution on the  lower extremities.  Of course seeing your doctor to be evaluted is important. Simple treatment to improve the swelling is leg elevation.

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