Small Bump on Bridge After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty last July to fix my septum, and then had revision surgery in December to remove a hump that I had on the bridge of my nose. It's been four months, and there's a lump on the bridge of my nose. It's small but it's noticeable to me and looks like a pimple I've covered up. (I used to suffer from acne) There are also two ridges on either side that may be enhancing it. Is it possible to tell if this bump is permanent, and is there anything that can make it go away? Thank You!

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Small bump months after rhinoplasty

It can be hard to tell if a bump is cartilage or bone or just swelling from the skin. If the bump is bone or cartilage, it is going to be a permanent bump. The only thing that can make the bump go away is to file it down a millimeter or two with a touchup rhinoplasty. It takes no more than about 15 minutes to perform if that is the only thing that is needed. Wait at least a year prior to undergoing revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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Small bump on bridge

If you say that you have acne issues, this may represent either a bony bump or scar tissue from your acne problems. Give it a few more months to see whether or not it gets better.

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Bump on Nasal Bridge

You say you have a history of acne and say it looks like a pimple. I assume you've had this evaluated by your physician. If this is bone, it can be removed after the swelling has resolved, which typically will take another couple months.

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Small bump on bridge after rhinoplasty

No photos make it very hard to discuss. But I would wait as Dr Mayer states 9 to 12 months before attempting any further correction.

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Small Bump on Bridge of Nose After Rhinoplasty


Best to have your rhinoplasty surgeon evaluate your nose.  If it is a bony or cartilaginous "bump" then you may need a minor rasping revision to smooth your nose.  In some cases, filler can be used to hide the defect, but revision surgery is usually the best choice.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P 

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Bump on the bridge after rhinoplasty.

It is only 4 months, so it sill may go down. If it is not going down by 9 months from the time of surgery, then it can be filed down under local anesthesia.

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Bumps after Rhinoplasty


It sounds like you still have a bony hump. This will not go away but can be fixed by performing a minor rasping procedure. Ask your surgeon, he/she may be able to do it in the office.



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