Severe Lower Back Pain After Vaser Liposuction

I had vaser lipo on my back, love handles, upper and lower stomach and have woke up 5 days later with bad back pain. Really severe!! I can feel liquid in my back still where i think its not draining propably. I have had 5 aftercare drainage massaages but the last 2 werent as good as the first 3 so i feel that the therapist didnt drain it enough, has anybody else experienced this?

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Vaser and back pain

Back pain after vaser liposcution should be evaluated by your doctor however it may be fluid like a seroma that needs to be removed, or it could jsut be post-op pain that may get better on its own.

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Severe lower back pain after Vaser liposuction

Your concern is very possible extra fluid. Proper massage therapy is helpful. Please discuss with your surgeon for his plan.

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