How to Get Rid of Scar Pigmentation?

I had a mole removal surgery 4 months ago. After the wound have closed, it remained very reddish/pinkish. I have gone out tanning for several times since then and now my scar became very dark in color. I think it is called "scar pigmentation". My question is if this is a permanent pigmentation? or it will fade when my overall tan will fade? Are there any ways I can treat my dark scar and make it equal again to my over all body color? Thanks a lot.

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How to get rid of dark scars | How to get rid of scar pigmentation

Some scars will darken even without sun exposure. However, sun exposure (especially tanning) will significantly increase the risk of scar hyperpigmentation (ie dark scars). Not only that, but the dark pigment can be permanent.

All scars under 2 years old should be protected from the sun with clothing or sunblock to decrease the risk of permanent redness or hyperpigmentation.

Once the pigment has developed you have the following options:

1) Wait. Over time some of the pigment may lighten on its own.

2) Use topical scar treatments / pigment lighteners that contain ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid, stable vitamin C, or licorice. Do your research on these. Some have recieved "negative press" based on their safety profiles.

3) More aggressive treatments like laser, IPL and even chemical peels have been used successfully for lessening skin pigmentation though these are typically used more for larger areas of hyperpigmentation than what your describing.

Hope that helps.

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