How to Remove Fat Graft from Cheeks?

I had fat graft on my upper cheeks. And it is way too much. I had 9 cc. on each side, plus I'm not Caucasian. I have tried my own silly way like putting a hot cloth on my cheeks hoping it would dissolve some fat. Now, I'm in the seventh month, and my cheeks still seems like it could explode. Is there any way I could remove all the fat in non-surgical ways? I have heard 1. Cheek muscle exercise 2. Cheek massage by therapists 3. Ultrasound Could there be anything else that is really effective?

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Too much fat from fat injections

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You mention that as a result of fat injections your cheeks are too large. If the fat was placed with a cannula within the bellies of the facial muscles, it will be hard to remove this even surgically, whether using an open, direct visualization technique, or by using liposuction.  A treatment that might work does have theoretical side effects that can be quite significant and you should discuss this with your surgeon, specifically, injecting a dilute corticosteroid in the fatty tissue that was transplanted, might thin it out. If it is a strong concentration of the corticosteroid, the possibility is greater that it would work, but so are the risks because of the volume that would have to be treated.

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Fat Transfer

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There is no sure way of removing the fat safely without surgery.

At the present no technology is available that can disolve the fat safely and evenly

The only alternatives you have

1: do nothing

2: surgical removal

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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