How Soon Will I Know if I Have Parenthesis Tip Deformity After Open Rhinoplasty?

I'm 12 days post op from open rhino w osteotomy. My tip and mid bridge are still swollen looking but I'm having trouble telling if my nostrils are swollen at this point? I had round nostrils b4 surgery and i told my dr i didn't wanna change my nostrils at all...also, he over narrowed my bones more than i expected, so i think now he should've narrowed my nostrils then to make it more balanced, not a scared i look soo ugly.

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Parenthesis Tip Deformity After Open Rhinoplasty

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Usually, you should expect to have significant improvment in swelling of the nose over the course of the first few weeks to months.  At 3 months after surgery, one can begin to make an honest assessment of the long term effects from surgery.  But even at this time frame you may still benefit from more healing leading into the 6month and 1 year time window.  In the short term, intervention can improve a small minor issue.  But the honest truth is that after just 12 days all bets are off and swelling is common and expected so don't worry!  Hang in there and visit with your surgeon if you continue to have concerns.  Hope that helps

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