What is my Naso Fontal Angle?

What is my naso frontal angle now?(obtuse, acute, or right) I kinda feel like my tip is too short, is it? Since i think my surgeon put the silicone shorter than my original tip, will this make my tip shorter in the future? If think I should have a nasal spine, or nasal sill augmentation, please tell me.

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Naso-frontal angle

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The nasofrontal angle is the angle measured between the inclination of you forehead and nose. This is directly across from the pupil of your eye. It is obtuse. Your lip is not too short. Whatever silicone implant you have in appears to have raised the bridge of your nose, which looks acceptable for cosmetic purposes. It is impossible to tell from this picture if you need a nasal sill augmentation.

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Nasofrontal angle

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The nasofrontal angle is the ablge created between the frontal bone and the nasal bones. It varies from male to female and also among different ethnicities.  WIthout more photo view it would be hard to comment on the other questions that you had.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Naso-Frontal Angle

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The naso-frontal angle is formed by the juncion of the nose and forehead. Are you really asking about the naso-labial angle; all your questions refer to the tip? Better pictures are needed to answer those questions - a perfectly horizontal profile view.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Naso fontal angle

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Naso frontal angle is an anatomic description of the angle in degrees between the forehead and upper nasal bone. See a expert surgeon to measure and discuss.

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What is the naso-frontal angle.

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It is where the forehead and nose meet. It is difficult to answer your other questions without more photos, See an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon to have an evaluation and to answer your questions.

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Naso-frontal Angle

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The naso - frontal angle is the angle where your nose meets your forehead. Some patients will have a very depressed naso-frontal angle requiring augmentation.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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