When Will Infected Scar After Tummy Tuck Heal?

I had a tummytuck almost 4 weeks ago. My incision seemed really wide and had a big scar on it so my surgeon cut the scaring out and told me to pack it and keep it clean. Within a few days puss developed in incision site. I still have a lot of drainage that is coming out of the gaping incision (about 5 inches). I have had chill, sweating but am on antibiotics and taking care of the incision just as the doctor told me too. Is everything okay? When will this turn around and start healing?

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Infected scar after tummy tuck

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Daily wound care and antibiotics are being done. Usually these open wounds heal over a few months. If not sure seek a second opinion.

Best of Luck from MIAMI DR. B

Dealing with an infected Abdominal Incision

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It would be unfair and inappropriate to second guess your surgeon who knows what is going on and is treating you. Therefore, all my comments must be regarded as only general in nature.

It SOUNDS like there was not enough blood flow to the center of the wound leading to tissue death and separation of the wound ("My incision seemed really wide"). This could be due to smoking or other factors. The dead flesh is sometimes referred to as an ESCHAR. To bring about healing surgeons remove (debride) such dead flesh until they see living (bleeding) tissues.  These wounds are treated openly with dressing changes, frequent debridements and increasingly by application of a wound closing suction device called the VAC. You may be a candidate for this device which significantly speeds healing.

What no surgeon likes to hear is " I have had chill, sweating". What you are describing is the body's reaction to germs in the blood stream. When someone responds in this manner we need to make sure there is no hidden abscess or other dead tissues from which these germs invade the body.

With care and time these wounds heal. You may require further surgery further down the road to improve upon the scar.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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