Fat Graft After Silicon Injection to the Lips?

I've had a very small amount of Silikon 1000 injected to my lips before, about a year ago. I'm considering having fat graft to increase my cheek volume. Is it possible to have fat grafted to my lips as well? Will there be complications with the existing silicon in my lips? Thank you.

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Fat in the lips is often unnatural

I am a big fan of fat grafting, and a big critic of fat in the lips.  That's because fat is really good to provide volume, but is more difficult to provide definition.  The result of that combination in the lips is a sausage-like appearance.  A few Hollywood examples point this out.  However the cheek idea is great, and I expect that you would get a natural, balanced, permanent result.

Lips are too delicate and mobile to just add volume, either with fat or other new implants of silicone (permalip) or goretex.  Stick with the injectable hyaluronic acid products like restylane and juvederm (now with lidocaine), and you can have volume that looks more natural as well.  But again, be conservative with how much is placed in the lips. 

Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat injection

Silicone injection as a filler should not be used. It is not FDA approved as a filler. It's only use is for detached retina.

As a filler silicone will form silicone granulomas and can migrate.

Fat trasfer is long lastingand is superior as a filler. Fat injection is technique dependant and some of it may absorb, thus requiring another fat injection. Your Plastic surgeon need to be comfortable adding fat to lips where silicone was injected.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Fat injections in the lip

In my hands, fat injections do not last long in the upper lip and that is related to the amount of movement that our lips experience during eating and speech.  I have seen, though, a patient treated elsewhere, who was very unhappy with their very full lips from fat injections, and their surgeon might have injected the actual muscle of the lip. This is known to increase the chance of the fat cells to live in their new environment, but it is not easy to correct.  Silicone has been known to cause granulomas and I would be concerned that if it is traumatized by fat injections now that it might cause the silicone to spread or develop lumps. Proceed cautiously.  Fat injections to the cheeks should not present a problem for you because of the silicone to the lips previously.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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