When Will Evolence Finally Degrade/dissolve?

I got Evolence injections 16 months ago, in the wrinkles at the sides of my mouth and also directly under my lower lip in both corners. I was unhappy with the Evolence from the start, especially the lumps under my lips. I was told the Evolence would last about 6-10 months. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it is permanent! 16 months and the Evolence is still there. Will it ever go away?

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Evolence may take up to two years to dissolve

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Evolence is not considered a permanent filler. Be patient and you should find that it does all go away, but it might take another six months or more. Your doctor might try to help you by reducing the amount of collagen that is in your filled areas, or at least, to examine you and ensure that nothing else is causing the volume, such as a chronic reaction to the product.

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