Hernia After Breast Implants?

I got breast implants 3 weeks ago, and I swear I have a hernia in the left one where the muscle attaches to the breast bone. My PS says to let it heal and that he is not worried, but I am...how can I tell if what I'm feeling is normal? In certain positions, I can feel the implants kind of "pop" thru and then pop back in. I'm just worried. Am I making a big deal out of nothing

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Hernia After Breast Implants?

While it is possible to have an epigastric hernia in this location, it is highly unlikely. More probably, the implant is dropping down and a slip of muscle is gliding over the dome of the implant giving you a popping sensation. This may resolve with time.

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Hernia after Breast Augmentation

Hi there-

It is highly unlikely that you have a hernia after breast surgery (of any kind). A hernia is an opening in the connective tissues that bind and contain our abdominal organs, and therefore breast surgery should not include this as a risk under normal circumstances.

It is possible that there is something unusual about your implant pocket that is causing your symptoms, but it would be difficult to say what it is or make a recommendation to you without an exam...

Indeed, I think it's probably irresponsible for anyone to try- I would go back to your surgeon and discuss this. If he/she is telling you that it will get better with time, I would be patient and give it some time- only your surgeon know the details of your anatomy and how the surgery was performed- so they will be best suited to address these concerns for you.

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Double Bubble effect

From your description you may have a "double bubble" effect. The muscle is either poorly released or the implant has dis lodged. Go see your surgeon to discuss or other opinions.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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Breast Implant Popping in and Out

It is highly unlikely that you have a true hernia involving the breast implant. Those where seen more commonly in the "old days" when complete muscle coverage was in vogue and occasionally the implants would pop sideways in between the stitched pectoralis and serratus muscles OR when surgeons attempted to break around the breast scarring (capsular contactures) by literally squeezing hard on the breasts. Under the last scenario, the implants were used as the anvil that cracked the scar but occasionally a part of the implant would herniate through the scar wall. Fortunately, this is rarely done any more.

The most common explanation is either an over dissection of the pectoralis muscle insertion on the sternum. Not a good thing since it may eventually manifest in "Window Shading" of the implant(s) OR it can be one of the many temporary odd sensations that women report after breast augmentations which uniformly resolve and go away.

Either way, there is nothing that could be done about it now. I would advise you to wait a few months for the post-surgical swelling to go down. You may find at that time that your worries were unfounded.

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Breast implant herniation

I am not quite sure what you mean. Do you feel the implant rubbing across the muscle?  Usually submuscular implants are biplanar not completely covered by muscle. You may be feeling the implant rubbing against some of the muscle that was divided. This should get better on its own.

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Breast implant herniation

It seems from your description that there may have been too much of a release of the pectoralis major along the lower sternum (breast bone).  This will not reattach.  When the swelling subsides, the muscle should be reattached to its anatomical position along the lower sternum and the problem will be fixed.  Please discuss this with your surgeon.  If he will not listen, get a second opinion.  Good luck.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
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Breast implant herniation

What you are describing sounds correct.  In most cases, it is best to let all the tissues settle before attempting any kind of revision surgery.  It would be best to discuss the various options with your plastic surgeon.  If there is a deficiency in your muscle or lack of support for your implant, you many need a revision surgery with placement of a dermal substitute such as Alloderm to help bridge the gap and support the implant.  Good luck with your recovery.

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