When Will Stiffness Ease After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck on 8th April 2010 (just over 3 weeks ago). I am still not able to walk/stand completely straight and am very stiff, my abdominal muscles are very tender and movement and walking are difficult. I am not able to walk very fast or with much movement, I look like a stiff old lady! I have had full tummy tuck with muscle tightening. Is this normal, will the stiffness ease? I am concerned that I will be hunched and stiff indefinitely!

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Abdominal stiffness and soreness after Tummy Tuck

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Hi there-

What you are describing is not at all unusual, and as long as your surgeon thinks you are doing well otherwise, should be expected to completely resolve over time (a few months).

Stiffness ease after tummy tuck

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Aggain discuss with the operating surgeon. But this can lasts for months - The Stiffness. Causes are due to healing and trauma to the muscles and fat and skin.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Prolonged Stiffness after Tummy Tuck is NOT the Norm

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The key to rapid recovery and healing from a Tummy Tuck is patient education and pain reduction. If pain and major discomfort are prevented in the first day after surgery, recovery will be swift with all patients resuming normal activities (except gym) in 10-14 days.

By numbing the Rectus (six pack) muscles' lining at the time of their Tummy Tuck,  NONE of my patients walk around like "old ladies" (or Groucho Marx) after surgery. While people heal at different rates,  ambulation is extremely important and holds the ticket to recovery. You may wish to speak to your surgeon and see what he/she suggests.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after tummy tuck

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In most cases patients are back to their normal activities in 10 days to 2 weeks.  I tell patients that they will walk like an old lady hunched over for about 1 week and will slowly be able to stand up straight by the end of the week.  It sounds like you are having an extended recovery time.  You may just need to push yourself a little harder.  But, it is important that you follow up with your surgeon to make sure that everything is healing as expected.  

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