What Happens to Aquamid After 10+ Years?

I had Aquamid injected into my lips in 2006 and I have had no complications whatsoever. I understand that this is a permanent filler designed to last more than 8 years, however what happens after the 8 years? Will the Aquamid ever go away and if so, once most of it has depleted, will it leave horrible bumps and granulomas in my lips? My understanding of Aquamid when I got it injected was that after 10 years or so it would just disappear. Now I am worried about how my lips will look after this time.

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Removing Aquamid from the lips and face

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Our office encourages patients to opt for non permanent fillers. We specialize in the removal of permanent fillers when inflammation, rejection, and skin and soft tissue reactions begin to form. 


Dr. Karamanoukian 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Long-term effects of Aquamid

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Thank you for the question.

Aquamid is very stable over the term, although continual loss of facial soft tissue volume is a normal part of the healing process, so it is conceivable that you will need touch ups at some point in the future. Regarding your question if you will develop bumps or granulomas, it is unlikely that you will experience such complications this far out from your injections. 

Warmest Regards,

Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS
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