Discomfort 18 Months After Breast Implants

I had my implants done around 18mos ago (saline, under muscle). I have always been able to feel the implant on the bottom of my breast. I am now feeling discomfort on the left side. Mostly when I do not have a bra on, it is as if without support it hurts. I am currently in afghanistan and am not sure what to do. Is this something that can wait a month or two? Advice?

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Discomfort 18 Months After Breast Implants

It sounds as if the implant may be too big and you may benefit from downsizing or a caspuslorrhaphy. Continue wearing support (possibly tow bras) and wait for s full surgical evaluation.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implant pain

Without examining you it would be difficult to say. However, feeling the saline implant along the lower pole is quite common.  It probably can wait a month or two.

Steven Wallach, MD
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