Uneven + Forehead Lift

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Can an uneven forehead be fixed? (photos)

I was wondering if anything could be done about an uneven forehead. Its sloped from the top of my left brow to the middle of my crown. A little to the... READ MORE

Are my Eyes and Eyebrows Asymmetric and What Can Be Done to Fix It?

I think my eyes and eyebrows are asymmetric. Also, my eyes seem to be droopy.Can you please confirm whether I am right by looking at the pictures? If... READ MORE

Will Forehead Tucks Help Make the Eye Area Less Droopy?

Someone suggested "forehead tucks" on each side of the forehead to make the area under my eyebrows and over my outer eyelids look less droopy. I had a... READ MORE

How to treat an uneven forehead? (Photo)

My forehead has little uneven slopes don't know what caused it READ MORE

Can a failed frontal bossing reduction be fixed? The frontal area is now hollow and uneven.

Male. 21 years old. My surgeon tried to fix it with hyaluronidase injection, now its completely messed up. I want my forehead back like before or that... READ MORE

Can the forehead be made longer or the hairline be raised to make the face more even?

Not broader but actually longer. Without messing up the hairline much, can a hairline be raised? My facial thirds are out of whack due to my long... READ MORE

Sides of Forehead Not Symmetrical After Surgery Can It Be Improved? (photo)

I had titanium plate fitted in the right side of my head in 2008 now left with sides of fore head not the same can something be done READ MORE

I am interested in augmenting my forehead. It's very flat and I want to add projection to the entire forehead.

A surgeon recommended Medpor infraorbital implants and fat transfer to the remaining part of the forehead. Do you feel this is a good solution?... READ MORE

I have uneven healing after biopic forehead lift. Is this swelling and will it get better? (Photo)

1 week post op from biopic forehead lift (eye lid skin issue). Right eye was the worst but now looks pretty good. Left eye still has excess skin. Is... READ MORE

How to get an even hairline? (Photo)

I have a very small and uneven hairline at corners so how can I get rid of these unwanted hairs at the corners permanently which will make my forehead... READ MORE

Weird uneven hair line. What can be done to fix it? (Photo)

I have a small forehead with an uneven hairline that has always been really annoying. What can i do to fix it? Are their any cost effective ways of... READ MORE

Do you carry out forehead reconstruction for uneven / bumpy forehead? (Photo)

I bumped my head about 20 years ago and it left a bump in the centre of my forehead . This is especially prominent in natural sunlight. . Do you have... READ MORE

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