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What Does Scalp Expansion Surgery Involve? (photo)

I had a skin graft operation back in 2012 on my scalp. My surgeon said that I could get the size of the graft reduced to allow more hair. I did a bit... READ MORE

What Does Scalp Reduction Surgery Involve? (photo)

I have a skin graft on my scalp. My surgeon said that scalp reduction surgery would make the area smaller. What does this surgery involve? Would my... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Size of a Scalp Skin Graft? (photo)

Is there a surgery available to reduce the size of a skin graft on my scalp? I've attached a picture. I'm a young adult, and am very self-conscious... READ MORE

Is the Scalp Advancement Incision Scar Similar to Forehead Contouring Which is Better? (photo)

Female 25 yrs old my forehead is very prominent and my hairline is high few ffs surgeons suggested me to do forehead contouring with scalp advancement... READ MORE

Can air get trapped inside scalp after hairline lowering procedure?

On 9/10 I had my hairline lowered.Surgery went well. 2 days after surgery I noticed that when I would run my fingers at the crown of my scalp I could... READ MORE

I have thin hair. Am I a good candidate for a Forehead Lift? Will I have hair loss?

I might get a forehead lift this December but I am afraid of the after effects (hair loss). Am I a good candidate? I have good scalp laxity but I have... READ MORE

Is my scalp tissue expander leaking?

I had a scalp tissue expander put in three weeks ago. I have had 2 injections 20cc each now. Each time I can see the rise in the expander and feel the... READ MORE

Five months since endoscopic forehead lift; still numb on crown and top of scalp?

Five months since endoscopic forehead lift. No numbness of forehead, still numb on crown and top of scalp. Some times mostly in the evening a sharp... READ MORE

Hematoma endoscopic forehead lift numbness left side scalp.

My surgeon doesn't want to remove the hematoma. I'm afraid it will cause permanent nerve damage due to nerve compression/pressure. The operation has... READ MORE

Forehead hairline lowering; is it permanent?

I talked to a guy about the scalp tattoo and he said it cost 800 dollars a session and it is usually 2 or three sessions. That is where I live and I... READ MORE

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