Reduction + Forehead Lift

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What Does Scalp Reduction Surgery Involve? (photo)

I have a skin graft on my scalp. My surgeon said that scalp reduction surgery would make the area smaller. What does this surgery involve? Would my... READ MORE

Forehead Reshaping and Hair Line Lowering? (photo)

Hi i really want to reshape my forehead so its flatter as its to prominent i have botox to lift it up currently, and when i am older it will be very... READ MORE

Alternatives to Implants for Forehead Augmentation?

Dear Doctors My forehead seems recessive, and do not want to get implants but I am concerned in regards to my looks, and would like to look better. I... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Size of a Scalp Skin Graft? (photo)

Is there a surgery available to reduce the size of a skin graft on my scalp? I've attached a picture. I'm a young adult, and am very self-conscious... READ MORE

Please Suggest a Few of the Most Experienced Surgeons in Hairline Lowering/forhead Reduction?

Please suggest a few surgeons who perform this on a regular basis with good results. How is the scar like with this and is it noticeable to others... READ MORE

Possible to make eyes tilt slightly upwards at the outer corners (i.e. through lifting)? (Photo)

When performing a forehead lift/hairline reduction, is it possible to also pull the skin at the temples upwards as well so as to slightly lift and... READ MORE

Can a failed frontal bossing reduction be fixed? The frontal area is now hollow and uneven.

Male. 21 years old. My surgeon tried to fix it with hyaluronidase injection, now its completely messed up. I want my forehead back like before or that... READ MORE

Big Fore Head and Long Face? (photo)

Am a 17yrs old from manasas virginia. i am very depressed about my big fore head and long wide face. i wish i would have a more smaller face. i really... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Improvement One Can Expect from a Forehead Reduction if One Suffered Acromegaly?

I suffered from a GH disorder similar to acromegaly and it caused my forehead and its cranial table to thicken abnormally. What is the maxmimum... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Surgeons Who Have Experience with Forehead Reduction Surgery in the Southeast U.s.?

I'm a 33 yr old male who has had some grafts on my hairline. i never really experienced any hair loss...just always had a high forehead. the... READ MORE

i will like to know if i can be a good candidate to reduce my forehead and the extra skin between my nose and my mouth? (photo)

Hello doctors, like i toldyou before i am not so happy with the way i look as you can see i have a very large and big forehear as for my mouth too, i... READ MORE

What surgery can I get to look more softer? (photo)

My fore head is large.. I look like more manly.. And Want to look more feminine. READ MORE

How much for forehead lift or forehead reduction? (Photo)

My forehead is so big and I want it smaller how much does it cost READ MORE

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