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I have very low hairline. Can I have it risen to increase my forehead size? (Photo)

It nearly touch my eyebrow and look very awkward, also have high density of hair, I tried some medicine for increase hair fall at forehead but it did... READ MORE

How do I deal with an ingrown hair at the incision site after hairline lowering (similar to facelift)? (photos)

Hello, I received a hairline lowering (similar to facelift) about 6 weeks ago. My scar is red, and I assume it is because I have more blood; I bruised... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old. Will getting my forehead lowered is a better option than hair transplant to achieve smaller forehead? (photos)

I asked about a hair transplant already and the replies said because of my age I should start with medication. I heard that propecia can stop a... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the forehead without doing an "eyebrow" lift? (photo)

My eyebrows drape over my eyes and I would like to keep them like that, but my forehead is a little bumpy. i know men are supposed to have some... READ MORE

Would you recommend hair line lowering? (Photo)

It takes up more than a 1/3 of my face and it bulges out from the side, I also wish my hairline was more rounded. I rarely ever wear my hair up after... READ MORE

How can I get my forehead and head corrected to give it a more normal shape? (photos)

My forehead sticks out (literally), my head is more rectangular and oval and uneven as well. I also have these two bumps on my forehead there not big... READ MORE

My forehead is big. How much would it cost to reduce the size? (photos)

I've had long hair to cover it up for 5 years but now the true beast is unleashed, will I be good at telekinesis? My head makes me self conscious, how... READ MORE

Is a Forehead Lift a good alternative for Male Balding? What is a permanent solution? (photos)

Looking into a forehead lift or alternative as a male who is balding (I can't do endoscopic). Should I have division of the frontalis muscle (grows... READ MORE

What is the current status of forehead reshaping in the US? (Photo)

I feel like this type of procedure would have a lot of asterisk potential. In my case, a squarer forehead could give a more masculine appearance. It... READ MORE

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