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Will Forehead Tucks Help Make the Eye Area Less Droopy?

Someone suggested "forehead tucks" on each side of the forehead to make the area under my eyebrows and over my outer eyelids look less droopy. I had a... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of Horizontal Forehead Crease Lines Without Scars Since I Have a High Hairline. How?

Do not want endoscopic approach since there still will be scars (though less vs. full coronal lift) that will show. Botox is so temporary, expensive... READ MORE

Is a Forehead Lift a good alternative for Male Balding? What is a permanent solution? (photos)

Looking into a forehead lift or alternative as a male who is balding (I can't do endoscopic). Should I have division of the frontalis muscle (grows... READ MORE

Hematoma endoscopic forehead lift numbness left side scalp.

My surgeon doesn't want to remove the hematoma. I'm afraid it will cause permanent nerve damage due to nerve compression/pressure. The operation has... READ MORE

How can I broaden my narrow forehead I want to add volume to it so how can it be done? (photos)

Actually I have a very small and narrow forehead moreover I have uneven hairline which makes forehead more smaller and narrow so how can I increase... READ MORE

Forehead hairline lowering; is it permanent?

I talked to a guy about the scalp tattoo and he said it cost 800 dollars a session and it is usually 2 or three sessions. That is where I live and I... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my forehead made bigger without permanent scarring?

If I understood it correctly, there is no way to have my forehead made bigger without having permanent scars afterwards? And it's not possible to make... READ MORE

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