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What Are All of the Options for Men Who Want a Lower Hairline/lower Forehead?

I am a male who has always had a high hairline and high forehead and it has always bothered me. What are your suggestions? READ MORE

I want to reduce the size of my forehead. What are my options? (Photo)

I've got a very large forehead that has made me insecure since my childhood. I am tired of wearing bangs to reduce the look of it and am looking into... READ MORE

Depression in Forehead, Shows from Front and Profile (Not a Wrinkle)?

I have a depression, or hollow indent, in the center of my forehead. It is between, but a bit above, my eye brows. It's not a wrinkle, and it is... READ MORE

Am I Suitable For Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

I'm a 28 year old male and i've had a high hairline since birth. i've not had any hairloss and there is no history of male baldness in my family. i... READ MORE

Forehead Looking Fake, What Are My Options? (photo)

I used to have a very short forehead. I had it enhanced using laser treatment. It is longer and looks good when I have my hair down, but it looks very... READ MORE

How Can Make Wide Forehead Smaller Without Surgery? (photo)

I just want to ask on how can make a wide forehead become smaller with no need of surgical process. just some medicines or treatment that can make a... READ MORE

How to get rid of dents in my forehead? (Photo)

I have this dents in my forehead . I think that I have them because when I was little I hit my forehead in concrete when I fell. They are really... READ MORE

Sloping forehead? What are my options? (Photo)

Is my forehead sloped, really high hairline, or both? And what are my options? READ MORE

Forehead Enhacement for 5cm Forehead

What can be done for my super low forehead?? i tweezed about a 1/2 cm of my hairline about a year ago and it really opened up my face, but it looked... READ MORE

I'm 20, what are my options for achieving a smaller forehead? (Photo)

Hi, im 20 years old and i've experienced a big forehead through out my whole life... I have a full set of hair and so does everybody in my family....... READ MORE

Do I Need Forehead Recontouring & Overbite/jaw Fix? (photo)

I have been looking into forehead recontouring, and am looking for information about a price estimation. Input on the recovery & procedure for my... READ MORE

Will a Reverse Forehead Lift Round out a Flat Forhead Also? Which Areas Are Affected

I'm a female in my 30's with a square,flat somewhat high forehead.Along with having a square jaw, as I get older, both are making my face... READ MORE

Forehead Narrowing Possible? (photo)

Is there a surgical method to reduce the width of the forehead to appear like the girl in the right? Could the areas marked by the blue arrows be... READ MORE

Is there a way to get a more rounded hairline? (Photo)

Currently my hair line is square, similar to the pictured hairline of Hedi Klum's. I feel the square hairline looks more masculine and have always... READ MORE

Eyebrowlift & Upper Eyelid Which Method?

I want my upper eyelid more noticable & my eyebrows are too droopy. But find a complete forehead lift (both methods) too drastic. Although I'm... READ MORE

Does my hairline look unnatural? And if so, what are my options to make my hairline look more natural? (Photo)

I plucked my hairline as it is naturally very low and I'm very self conscious about it being obviously fake. Also what are my options for removal of... READ MORE

Is it normal for my forehead to look like this? (Photo)

I've noticed that my forehead looks weird and it didn't use to look like that. I also can tell that my eyes are not alligned but I don't know if that... READ MORE

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