Indentation + Forehead Lift

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Is It Possible to Shave off the Ridge in my Forehead?

Thanks for the responses to my previous question. Saw the doctor and scheduled revision surgery for next week. After reviewing before and after x-rays... READ MORE

Depression in Forehead, Shows from Front and Profile (Not a Wrinkle)?

I have a depression, or hollow indent, in the center of my forehead. It is between, but a bit above, my eye brows. It's not a wrinkle, and it is... READ MORE

Dimple above eyebrow, indentation on forehead next to that, and the skin on this side of my forehead is very loose? (photo)

Here's a picture of the left side of my forehead with a neutral expression. As you can see there is a "dimple" of pinched skin, and next to that... READ MORE

How can I fix an indented/ slanted forehead? (Photo)

I noticed my slanted/ indented forehead a few days ago and I do not know if I've always been like that or it recently happened. I am 19 years old and... READ MORE

What is the cause of this depression in my forehead? (Photo)

Indentations of forehead primarily in the middle can only be seen in certain light Can feel an indent with fingers when touched Is there anything that... READ MORE

What can I do to help my disfigured & asymmetrical forehead? (Photo)

I was born with a large lymph node right above my left eyebrow its kinda growing out of my skull and has a slight indention. It's made me self... READ MORE

What's my condition, and how much would it cost to get it fixed? (Photo)

I was born with a weird shaped forehead, with two symmetrical deep indentations just above my temples. I been doing research on it as well but never... READ MORE

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