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Caveman Forehead Plastic Surgery

I have a large forehead. It also slants down similar to a caveman with a very thick brow area. I have always had to wear my bangs long to cover my... READ MORE

Forehead and Brow Lift with Thermage or Fraxel

I would also like to know if Thermage lifts the forehead? Can it lift the brow area? I also would like to know if Fraxel laser would tighten the skin... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shave off the Ridge in my Forehead?

Thanks for the responses to my previous question. Saw the doctor and scheduled revision surgery for next week. After reviewing before and after x-rays... READ MORE

Will Scar from Subcutaneous Forehead Scar Be Noticeable?

I am going to undergo a subcutaneous forehead lift as I do not want my hairline to go backwards. Will the scar be noticeable or not? READ MORE

Can an uneven forehead be fixed? (photos)

I was wondering if anything could be done about an uneven forehead. Its sloped from the top of my left brow to the middle of my crown. A little to the... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Endoscopic Forehead Lift

I had an endoscopic forehead lift about 5 years ago. It was done by a highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeon. Immediately after surgery, I... READ MORE

Coronal Forehead Lift for Young Patient?

I am in mid 20's (female) but already have issues with horizontal forehead wrinkles/folds, very apparent even with the slightest effort to look up... READ MORE

How do I fix my lumpy forehead? (photo)

In between my frown line there seems to be lumps growing under my forehead. I hate it. What is it , why is it getting larger, how do I make it stop? READ MORE

I Want to Know the Options There Are for Increasing the Width of my Face? (photo)

Mainly for my forehead/temple region. I believe that my face looks very elongated due to the narrowness of my face. The structure of my face dents... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Features Changing Shape?

I grew up thinking I was beautiful even with my unique round/flat forehead bone structure. My mother has a round shaped forehead and my father has a... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rid of Horizontal Forehead Crease Lines Without Scars Since I Have a High Hairline. How?

Do not want endoscopic approach since there still will be scars (though less vs. full coronal lift) that will show. Botox is so temporary, expensive... READ MORE

What would be the best way to reshape my hairline so that it is straight? (photos)

I have always been extremely self conscious of my large forehead especially the sides where it goes even farther up. It's hard to even style my hair... READ MORE

How can I make my forehead fuller? (photos)

My forehead is too flat and square. I would like ito be more round and fuller. Don't know how to properly describe what's going on so here's a picture... READ MORE

Procedures for making a sloped forehead vertical? (photos)

My forehead is sloped and I am wondering if there is a procedure that can move it slightly forward and vertical? Also if you could describe what... READ MORE

Sides of Forehead Not Symmetrical After Surgery Can It Be Improved? (photo)

I had titanium plate fitted in the right side of my head in 2008 now left with sides of fore head not the same can something be done READ MORE

Augmentation of Glabella/brow area after Asian rhinoplasty? (photos)

My result has the nose suddenly starting between the eyes and a dent/depression between the forehead and top of nose, shortening the appearance of the... READ MORE

Is there somebody that can help me build up my ridge again above eyes? (photos)

Have had forehead recontouring with Dr noorman van der dussen in Belgium.He shaved on places we didnt discusse.I think my eyes are too open view... READ MORE

If you lose volume in the forehead, can that cause the nose to droop?

I noticed my forehead has lost a lot of volume, compared to my younger days. I've also noticed my nose has lost support. When I pull my forehead skin... READ MORE

My forehead is low. I need tight headbands or braids to pull it upward which works but limits me. What might help this? (photo)

My forehead has always been quote low but i can move it upward with tight headbands or braids which gives me my desired loo, this is a temporary... READ MORE

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