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Forehead Lengthening - How Much of a Gain in Length?

I am a 23 year old female.I have a very short hairline (almost 2inches). Is there any way of lengthening the forehead with a lift of some sort? If so... READ MORE

What Does Scalp Reduction Surgery Involve? (photo)

I have a skin graft on my scalp. My surgeon said that scalp reduction surgery would make the area smaller. What does this surgery involve? Would my... READ MORE

Coronal Forehead Lift for Young Patient?

I am in mid 20's (female) but already have issues with horizontal forehead wrinkles/folds, very apparent even with the slightest effort to look up... READ MORE

Possible to Lift my Forehead Without Looking Bug Eyed?

If I don't lift my eyebrows in a picture or when I talk to someone I look mean. I'm only 18 and I'm already getting forehead lines because of it. I... READ MORE

Do I Need Forehead Recontouring & Overbite/jaw Fix? (photo)

I have been looking into forehead recontouring, and am looking for information about a price estimation. Input on the recovery & procedure for my... READ MORE

Is the Scalp Advancement Incision Scar Similar to Forehead Contouring Which is Better? (photo)

Female 25 yrs old my forehead is very prominent and my hairline is high few ffs surgeons suggested me to do forehead contouring with scalp advancement... READ MORE

How to achieve a smoother hairline/ remove cowlick? (photos)

I've done tons of research online, yet nothing seems to address the concern I have. My hairline/ forehead is not very smooth, I cannot do a middle... READ MORE

What is the cost in the surrounding New York area for the simplest hairline lowering procedure? (photos)

23 yr old female (5'6" 120 lbs) the skin on my scalp is very flexible (I can move the skin on my head back & forth as I have a lot of skin on my... READ MORE

What can be done about my forehead shape? (Photo)

Im an 18 year old girl but my forehead looks very masculine. Im wondering what options i have to reduce this, possibly surgery or even fillers? Thanks! READ MORE

Why is my forehead like this and how do I fix it? (photos)

I have a sloped forehead with bumps right above my eyebrows. It's strange because in those pictures the bumps looks really noticeable but I don't... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Repair Cut Muscles in Forehead After a Lift?

When I had my forehead lift done several years ago, he cut muscle, but, it looks weird because I have some movement in lower portion of my forehead,... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to widen a narrow forehead due to hairline? (Photo)

My hair line makes me have a very narrow forehead is there a way without laser hair removal to widen my hairline? I currently pluck my hair to the... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low? (This is a follow-up to my first question) (photo)

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement almost a year ago. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. 1) I feel my hairline is too low. 2) I... READ MORE

Would you recommend hair line lowering? (Photo)

It takes up more than a 1/3 of my face and it bulges out from the side, I also wish my hairline was more rounded. I rarely ever wear my hair up after... READ MORE

Will a blepharoplasty work for my hooded eye and sloping brow? (photos)

I am 38 and have a genetic predisposition to hooded eyes. I've also noticed my brow become heavier in the last few years. To combat this I've been... READ MORE

Can you make a hairline more feminine?

I am a female, but have a "M" shaped hair line. It yanks back in points near the upper edges of my hairline and then slightly points down in the... READ MORE

Did we go to high in the brow lift/forehead reduction and is that why my eyes look sunken in? (Photos)

Scared, shocked look. I feel my eyebrows are too high now and my eyes look like they got sunken in my skull maybe bc too much was lifted? Got... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the slope of the forehead? Female with a 'domed' forehead wants a 'sloping' forehead (Photo)

I plan to undergo hairline advancement (2 - 3cm) with grafts to round out my temples & frontotemporal recessions. Is it possible to change the... READ MORE

Does anyone have any photographs of patients with the expander at various stages of the expansion process?

I am 34 year old female that is suffering from traction alopecia. I was told I would need a two stage hairline lowering procedure due to the thinning... READ MORE

Flat forehead, over projected nose. Is it possible to make my forehead round and longer? (Photo)

Ian female 33 , I have short and flat forehead .it is possible to make my forehead round and longer? Also Ian extremely unhappy about my overprotected... READ MORE

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